1.) Your name, what you are called, and/or alias? 

 Ronnie Icon, although Ronnie Scholtes is my real name. 

2.) Where you are from, where you are active? 

I'm from The Netherlands, and I'm mostly active on Youtube. It's my way of being international. :) 

3.) What age did you start?

I started writing songs when I was about 10 years old, but I didn't go to music college until my 22nd. I started my Youtube channel early 2015.

4.) What's your inspiration? 

Anything K-pop, really. Before I found out about K-pop, I'd been drawn to American pop artists like Jesse McCartney, but also artists like Bjork. Then I came across K-pop and my entire field of reference changed. I first got into EXO, but gradually I started learning all about other artists as well.

5.) What's your style?

K-pop inspired songs, remixes and covers. I like to think that, as a European based, K-pop inspired artist, I blend a little of both worlds. An EDM inspired sound mixed with the pop music I now listen to. But who knows, maybe it's just my inability to conform to either style that causes this blend. 

6.) How would you describe your music?

On Youtube, I post mostly covers and remixes of K-pop songs. I do still write my own music, which will release in due time. I've been writing my own songs for years, but since I started my Youtube channel, I felt like doing covers (with redone productions and lyrics) should get a higher priority in order for the right audience to find me. 

7.) What is your favorite song that you have done? 

My favorite video would have to be the MADE Mash-up. I like how I structured that video. It's basically a medley of all the songs released in BIGBANG's MADE series, but completely redone. 

8.) People you have had a collaboration with and/or friends? 

I've worked with Pudding Vu, a Vietnamese K-pop inspired singer, who was a fellow runner-up in the Made Cover Contest by YG Entertainment. 

I also worked with LeonGuitar, a skilled guitarist on Youtube. 

and I recorded a song with Nivanoise, a Turkey based producer. 

9.) What are your hobbies?

Besides music, I shoot and edit videos for Youtube. But when I really unwind, I like to tune into Youtube, read a book or play a videogame. 

10.) Any words to the readers? 

If you're a fan of Asian music, K-pop in particular, then my Youtube channel is the right place for you. I post new videos, music videos, but also top 10's, funny videos and anything else that's K-pop related on a weekly basis. I hope to see you there, leave me a comment, because I always read them and I will definitely reply. http://www.youtube.com/ronnieicon

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