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[List] 15 Creepy Kpop Music Videos 2015

Welcome to TuneN2IM’s list of Creepy Kpop Music Videos Volume 7! Long time no see, even though this site is still in hiatus mood, I could not let this year roll by without keeping up with tradition. 2015 went pretty light with the videos this year, even our good buddies VIXX went easy on us so far this year. However, we still managed to gather at least 15 videos that are appropriate for this playlist. Check them out! XIA – “Flower” March 2, 2015 The whole video seems like an elaborate Halloween custom party.  Boyfriend – “Bounce” March 8, 2015 Darker version of Alice in Wonderland, don't forget your whip..I mean the dance. Ga-in – “Paradise Lost” March 11, 2015 Spooky organ music, haunting background vocals, Gothic imagery, oh and a few snakes in the mix.  Rap Monster (BTS) – "농담" March 26, 2015 Disturbing dark asylum imagery Bastarz – “Zero for Conduct” April 13, 2015 Cannibals? check. Vampires? check. However, we all know the scariest thing for