[*~*Merry Christmas*~*]15 Kpop Christmas Songs for 2014

15 Kpop Christmas songs including original songs and covers in different genres. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

The Vibe Family (4men, Vibe, Ben, Mi) - "Lonely Christmas"

Roy Kim - "It's Christmas Day"

Eric Nam - "Melt My Heart"

Sonnet Son - "The First Snow is Falling"

BTOB - "You Can Cry"

Chrome Family (Crayon Pop, Bob Girls, Zan Zan, K-Much) - "Love Christmas"

Sung Shi Kyung & Kwon Jin Ah - 'Don't Forget'

DSP Friends - "White Letter"

Kanto ft As One - "Before the Snow"

BIG - "Last Christmas"

Dalshabet x Minx - "Rockin' Around th Christmas Tree"

Barbarette - "Hun Hun Christmas"

Kim Tae Chun - "Jesus"

Starship Planet- "Love is You"

Teen Top - "Snow Kiss"


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