16 Spooky Kpop Music Videos of 2014

Puer Kim – “Manyo Maash” Jan 20
Lovely yet haunting singer Puer Kim’s video that has mannequins doing more than just modeling clothing.

 Ga-In – “Fxxk U” Ft. BumKey Jan 27
The display of an abusive relationship is unsettling, but a scene in particular that reminds some viewers of the Human Centipede series lands it a spot on the list.

 Ladies Code – “So Wonderful” Feb 12
Ladies Code transform into beautiful dolls, but the video is very dark in nature which reflects the sadness of be ignored by their creator that they love.

 SunMi – “Full Moon” Feb 16
Vampire girl ^^

100% - “Beat” Mar 16
Lady Frankenstein tries to recreate her boyfriend. Is the lady from VIXX's "Voodoo Doll" at it again?

 Block B – “Jackpot” Apr 14
Creepy circus guys chasing a teen girl around. Like Alice in Wonderland with a twist.

Jiyeon – “1minute 1second” May 19
When not having nightmarish dreams about a lover, she knits inside a creepy dank and dark room, only to be exposed that she’s in an insane asylum the entire time.

 History – “Psycho” Jun 22
Like the name implies, homeboy has issues that need working out, but the scariest part of the song is the lyrics.

Rex.D – “To Violet” July 17
When jealously and thirst for revenge can leads to murderous intents.

Lyn x Leo – “Blossom Tears” Aug 4
Leo literally loves her to death, and more mannequins…

Song JiEun “Don’t Look At Me Like That” Sept 23
She’s fed up with the gawking, so goes all Carrie on them.

N.O.M – “Nature of Man” Oct 9
N.O.M never fail to bring on the strange and chilling imagery.

 Boyfriend – “Witch” Oct 12
 Our once cutie-pie boys have turned into werewolves who have a run in with not-so Little Red Riding Hood.

VIXX – “Error” Oct 13
Our conceptual-dols VIXX return as Cyborgs. Defiantly a great costume idea for this year. In fact it has inspired many makeup transformations of the fans.

 Cho Hyung Woo – “Someone I Know” Ft Lim Kim Oct 16
Mystic89 attracts some of the more unique artists it seems, as Hyung Woo’s beautifully delivered song is contrasted with the disturbing 19+ video featuring none other than other Ga-In.

Seo Taeji – “Christmalo.win” Oct 19
Rock legend Seo Taeji returns with the not very cheery depiction of Christmas.

Which one is your favorite? What other videos would you include?

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