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16 Spooky Kpop Music Videos of 2014

Puer Kim – “Manyo Maash” Jan 20
Lovely yet haunting singer Puer Kim’s video that has mannequins doing more than just modeling clothing.

 Ga-In – “Fxxk U” Ft. BumKey Jan 27
The display of an abusive relationship is unsettling, but a scene in particular that reminds some viewers of the Human Centipede series lands it a spot on the list.

 Ladies Code – “So Wonderful” Feb 12
Ladies Code transform into beautiful dolls, but the video is very dark in nature which reflects the sadness of be ignored by their creator that they love.

 SunMi – “Full Moon” Feb 16
Vampire girl ^^

100% - “Beat” Mar 16
Lady Frankenstein tries to recreate her boyfriend. Is the lady from VIXX's "Voodoo Doll" at it again?

 Block B – “Jackpot” Apr 14
Creepy circus guys chasing a teen girl around. Like Alice in Wonderland with a twist.

Jiyeon – “1minute 1second” May 19
When not having nightmarish dreams about a lover, she knits inside a creepy dank and dark room, only to be exposed that she’s in an i…