[MV] Jerry.k - Pierrot + Download DOPEDYED Mixtape

Jerry.k - Pierrot (feat. Jaeseok Kim of Wanted) (Subtitled MV)

for foreign fans, translated by DanceD

MELON 멜론 http://j.mp/1aHhgMb
BUGS 벅스 http://j.mp/1aHhhjd
M.NET 엠넷 http://j.mp/1aHhlPK (easiest for foreign fans if you have an interest.me account)
Naver Music 올레 http://j.mp/1aHhmmO
GENIE 지니 http://j.mp/1aHhra8
MUSIC DAUM 다음 http://j.mp/1aHhnHB
MONKEY3 몽키3 http://j.mp/1aHhqmv

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