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Top 20 Country Visits - Thank You

These are the top 20 countries that visit our site. Thank you so much for the support! 

Keita- Get U Back featuring Aisha

     Keita Tachibana ( 橘 慶太 Tachibana Keita ? ) (born on 16th December, 1985), also known as Keita (stylized KEITA ), is a Japanese pop and R&B singer. Since 2000, he rose to fame as the lead vocalist from the boy band w-inds. . During that time, he briefly launched a critically successful solo career, and in 2012, has revitalized it again under a reinvented image. His voice is on 5 octave vocal range. [ citation needed ] To read more, click here .        Keita came out with a album this Summer called Step By Step.  I have a couple of favorite songs off his album.  This is one of them.  It's called Get U Back featuring Aisha. Keita featuring Aisha - Get U Back-   Picture credit- Facebook Credit- Wikipedia  

[List] Creepy KPOP Music Videos 2013

VIXX - "On and On" (January 18, 2013) Breaking away from their cutie guy image of "Rock Ur Body" VIXX took a 180 and transformed into dancing galactic vampire, werewolf.. er zombie guys. By the way have you checked out the OST song "In the Name of Love" sung by VIXX's very own Ken, for the drama  Heirs  co-produced by DramaFever yet? MFBTY - "Sweet Dream " (January 20, 2013) It may be just me, but this dream doesn't seem too sweet. HEO YOUNG SAENG - "The Art of Seduction" (March 13, 2013) A tortuous fan captures our poor guy here. She only see what she wants too see, not his suffering. The creepiness is reminiscent of "Fan" by Epik High. LEE HI - "ROSE" (March 28, 2013) Though the imagery is beautiful, Lee Hi shows us that rather than dark schemes, frosty white schemes can be just as unsettling. GI - "BEATLES" (April 2, 2013) The girls&


     During my trip in Korea, I was lucky enough to win a ticket offered to foreigners for the Kpop Cover Dance Festival in Gangwon 2013, yeaaaah~!!! This big Kpop festival took place the 28th of September in Gangwon-do, in a town named Wonju, which is about an hour and forty minutes from Seoul in bus. The town was full of the event poster all the way to the Stadium where the final dance cover took place.      The artists announced for the event were some big Kpop Names like KARA or U-KISS (without Dongho) and others rising Kpop groups likes VIXX (without LEO), Dalshabet, NUEST, SPICA, A-JAX, BIGSTAR and APRINCE. All moved the stadium and I’m sure, lots of them didn’t fail to hypnotize new fans.        Among the audience, I was really surprise to see so many foreigners like me, from all over the world (Africa, America, Asia, Océania and even Europe). This was the proof once again that Kpop is now known a bit more everywhere. Korean press was really surprised too by foreigner