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Nana Sam releases "Strangers" Music Video

Indie filmmaker and songstress Nana Sam released her French language song and video "Strangers". The relatable, unrequited love is expressed in friendship of young people. Check out the video here.

Source: anna333

[MV] Kim Jae Suk- Rain Drop featuring Brand Newjiq

Kim Jae Suk is part of a Korean R&B group called Wanted.  Also, he is the leader of Wanted.  Near the end of June this year, Kim Jae Suk released a R&B music video called Rain Drop featuring a rapper named Brand Newjiq.  Check out the music video below.

Kim Jae Suk 김재석 (Wanted) - RainDrop (feat. Brand Newjiq) MV-
Credit- JpopAsia