[Exclusive Interview] Soulciety

Soulciety (A Korean soul band.)
Soulciety is a Korean super session project based on South Korea. Their debut album, 2 colors, was released in 2005 and latest album, Diamonds, was released in 2013.

The band's producer  engineer is Yoon Jea Kyung (aka Mbrica). Other notable band members include or have included the singers, AMJ(aka Amin.J), Che Young, Nam Joo Hee, Soulman, Park Jung Eun, J'shin, Bea Knight, Kim Donghee.

(from left - Che Young, Amin J, Mbrica, Nam Joo hee)

- Your name, what you are called, and/or alias?
The name of this project group is “Soulciety”. The compound word “Soulciety” is formed from the words “soul” and “society”.

- Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.?

We are gathered here(Seoul, South Korea) to make a great soul music.  Basically, Soulciety is a group of many talented recording artists. We’ve made two regular studio albums. The latest CD “Diamonds” was released on 8th May 2013. We are going to play new songs at live stage on 8th June 2013 in Muse live hall, Jamsil Olympic Park.

The music video below is Soulciety's song called "Always" featuring Nam Joo Hee.

- What's your inspiration?
We’ve been listening to great music from Soul to Hiphop. But the main genre is Soul from

- What's your style?

Well, this is a tough question to answer because our style couldn’t be defined by one word. The purpose of this new album was to make a balance between the warm feeling of old music and cool sense of modern music. For this, we’ve spent long a time to get the sound what we want.

- How would you describe your music?
Diamond!, Yes, we want to describe our music as a Diamond. As you know that the diamond has many faces and they reflect the light. Shining! Our new album has many different genres, urban RnB, neo soul, blues, urban jazz, etc like the diamond. It could be also shining when the light comes in. The light is all great music fans all over the world.

- People you have had a collaboration with and/or friends?
A saxophonist Jay Kim from Common Ground (a famous big funk band in South Korea), Great hiphop producer Mildbeats (His new album is also very cool), Boni and Soulman from Korean gospel choir Heritage, The leader of hiphop duo Garion MC meta(rapper), Incredible studio session guitar player Hong jun ho, A perfect groove maker bassist Han ga ram, a lead vocalist of 3rd Coast Han Sohyun, the female vocalist Rang show, and etc..

More of Soulciety! 

Mr.player MV from album "2 Colors" feat.Park Jung eun

(Sushine and rain) [MP3 Streaming]feat.AMJ

Just Say [MP3 Streaming] feat.Che Young

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