Discovering M Academy.

During our trip to Seoul, we have this great privilege to open the doors of M Academy, being a part of MNet Media and located in Gangnam (Apgujeong). The academy is a nice place with a big hall facing the famous street known for all aesthetic surgery clinics and complexes. A small stage throne at the back of this hall and every week, trainees must show their improvement there on evaluations, in front of the entire academy. We could also visit different rooms (dance; music recording; personal training rooms; acting; and so on) and barely see some trainees who protected their faces with masks. These young trainees looked at us with a lot of curiosity, maybe wondering what we were doing here.

In the same day, the little lucky fairy was with us, because first we could meet a singer named Han HeeJun known for his participation at American Idol 2012. This guy was really nice and we talked like we known each other for year. He gave us some hints about his future as singer in Korea and America. He signed with MNet Media in Korea but had a upcoming US album and other interesting projects (acting?!) (laughs). He told us to focus first on his American projects before comeback and hit Korea. We wish him all the best for his career and a bright future. A french proverb said “one happiness never comes alone”, just before leaving the building, we could meet the President of M Academy/MNet Media. He’s a man with a lot of charisma and people seemed to really respect and love him. The few words exchanged with him were warm and polite, but we could understand why people working there truly appreciate the man. When we finally leave, we saw that some trainees where on second floor eyeing, our eyes met, we smiled and closed the door of this entertaining temple.

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