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TuneN2IM Celebation Giveaway

This June is TuneN2IM's four year anniversary.  We want to celebrate this year by having awesome giveaways!  So, hopefully more to come.  This giveaway is a autographed cd by Soulciety.  We interviewed them earlier this month.  Check out Soulciety's interview by clicking here.
Prize- A autographed cd by Soulciety Giveaway date- 06/21/2013- 06/27/2013 12:00 AM EST Rules- This is mandatory because if you don't do all three, you are disqualified. 1.  Follow TuneN2IM on Twitter (@TuneN2IM). 2.  Follow Soulciety on Twitter (@soul_ciety). 3.  Comment on this post your Twitter username.
The reason why we want your Twitter username is to make sure you followed the rules and if you win, we can get in contact with you.
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[MV] One Way - Beautiful Day (Eng Sub)

One Way is back with a new single called "Beautiful Day", written and produced by them. It is a song many people can relate to, about life, and chasing your dreams even there are those that don't agree with you. Check it out! 


Twitter @onewaypeter@onewayyoungsky 

Discovering M Academy.

During our trip to Seoul, we have this great privilege to open the doors of M Academy, being a part of MNet Media and located in Gangnam (Apgujeong). The academy is a nice place with a big hall facing the famous street known for all aesthetic surgery clinics and complexes. A small stage throne at the back of this hall and every week, trainees must show their improvement there on evaluations, in front of the entire academy. We could also visit different rooms (dance; music recording; personal training rooms; acting; and so on) and barely see some trainees who protected their faces with masks. These young trainees looked at us with a lot of curiosity, maybe wondering what we were doing here.

In the same day, the little lucky fairy was with us, because first we could meet a singer named Han HeeJun known for his participation at American Idol 2012. This guy was really nice and we talked like we known each other for year. He gave us some hints about his future as singer in Korea and America…

[Exclusive Interview] Soulciety

Soulciety (A Korean soul band.)
Soulciety is a Korean super session project based on South Korea. Their debut album, 2 colors, was released in 2005 and latest album, Diamonds, was released in 2013.

The band's producer  engineer is Yoon Jea Kyung (aka Mbrica). Other notable band members include or have included the singers, AMJ(aka Amin.J), Che Young, Nam Joo Hee, Soulman, Park Jung Eun, J'shin, Bea Knight, Kim Donghee.

(from left - Che Young, Amin J, Mbrica, Nam Joo hee)

- Your name, what you are called, and/or alias?
The name of this project group is “Soulciety”. The compound word “Soulciety” is formed from the words “soul” and “society”.

- Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.?
We are gathered here(Seoul, South Korea) to make a great soul music.  Basically, Soulciety is a group of many talented recording artists. We’ve made two regular studio albums. The latest CD “Diamonds” was released on 8th May 2013. We are going to play new songs at live stage on 8th June 2013 …