Nana Sam Releases MV For French Kpop Song "Without Your Love"

Independent film maker and singer Nana Sam has released her MV for "Without Your Love"! The song is a unique style of  blending French and Korean Language together to produce a catchy dance song. Check it out. By the way, have you watched any of her films?

Song: Without your love
Style: French K-pop

Singer : Nana Sam
Pictures & art work used: Elyse Garand & Nana S.

MV Editor : Nana Sam
Cameraman : Ziyang Yip

Art Director:Nana Sam and Y Lang Li
Make up Artist: Myhanh Pham

Actors : Nana S.
Assistants : Valerie de Roy, Eddy Chhong & Y lang Li.

Stylists: Nana S.
Music: Shay Black & Nana Sam 

Lyrics: Nana Sam (with the help of Taekmin for the Korean parts)
Audio Mixing/Editing: Ayo

♬ Copyright © 2013 Nana Sam '' Without your love '' All rights reserved.♬

Listen the song on Souncloud:

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