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[MV] Ruth Koleva- Better

Ruth Koleva is a Bulgarian soul singer.  She is influenced by singers such as Erykah Badhu and Jill Scott.  A couple of days ago she released a music video called Better.  This song will be on her new album she is coming out with this year.  Check out Ruth Koleva's song "Better" below.

Credit- and Youtube
Picture credit-

[MV] Li Wei Feng- You Don't Know

Li Wei Feng is a Taiwanese singer.  His album called Thirst came out on September 21st, 2012.  One of the songs on the album is called You Don't Know.  Check out the music video "You Don't Know" below.
Li Wei Feng- You Don't Know
Credit- JpopAsia

Nana Sam Releases MV For French Kpop Song "Without Your Love"

Independent film maker and singer Nana Sam has released her MV for "Without Your Love"! The song is a unique style of  blending French and Korean Language together to produce a catchy dance song. Check it out. By the way, have you watched any of her films?

Song: Without your love
Style: French K-pop

Singer : Nana Sam
Pictures & art work used: Elyse Garand & Nana S.

MV Editor : Nana Sam
Cameraman : Ziyang Yip

Art Director:Nana Sam and Y Lang Li
Make up Artist: Myhanh Pham

Actors : Nana S.
Assistants : Valerie de Roy, Eddy Chhong & Y lang Li.

Stylists: Nana S.
Music: Shay Black & Nana Sam 

Lyrics: Nana Sam (with the help of Taekmin for the Korean parts)
Audio Mixing/Editing: Ayo

♬ Copyright © 2013 Nana Sam '' Without your love '' All rights reserved.♬

Listen the song on Souncloud:

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PWOL Releases 3 new tracks "Drugs", "Lust" and "Say My Name"

If you have been following our site, you probably come across our posts and interview with rap trio Triangle Offense. Even though T.O has disbanded, that does not mean there is a end to the music! PWOL, who has been busy studying with his board exams still managed to work on new music. Below are three tracks and download links. Check the song with lyrics and look forward from more new music from PWOL. 

Say My Name

Original song "Girls Love Beyonce by Drake | Buy everything this man makes!Also, James Fauntleroy with the beautiful vocalsListen. Like. Share. Say my name.
Free Download:

Original song "Wicked Games" by the Weeknd | Get that TrilogyBeautiful vocals by Coeur de Pirate | remix by HugLife | Like. Share. Lust.Free Download:


Original song "Do You" by MiguelBuy Kaleidoscope Dream. By far o…

Daeho - It Was You

Daeho's single "It Was You" was released on various music sites on May 9th, 2013.  It is a R&B song.  Daeho released the song on Youtube yesterday so people can hear it.  It is his first original digital single.  Check out Daeho's song "It Was You" below.

[Cover] Miguel- Adorn- By Daeho and Jungmin

I don't have any personal information on them. But, I came across their cover yesterday. They did a cover of Miguel's song called Adorn. Daeho is the one in glasses. Jungmin is the one in the blue cardigan. You can download their cover by clicking here.

If you want to follow them on Twitter, click on their names.-

Check out their cover of Miguel's song "Adorn" below.-

Miguel - Adorn (Cover) [Daeho, Jungmin]-

N.Sonic Releases "Lie" MV and Single

[MV] VChuan- Love is Less Than Three

Vchuan's real name is Chen Wei. But, he goes by Vchuan. He was born in Malaysia. Vchuan did debut in Malayasia first. But, now he is signed to a entertainment company in Taiwan. Vchuan released his single "Love is Less Than Three" in March of this year. Check it out below.

VChuan 陳威全 - 愛小於三 官方完整HD版MV [Love is less than three] Official HD MV-

Photo Credit- Facebook

Credit- Facebook and Youtube

[MV] EVO NINE Releases "Superman"