Thursday, April 11, 2013

DTMG feat. Pumashock - Shinee "Dream Girl" Rock Remix

Check out the awesome performance video of the newest remix by DTMG featuring Pumashock! If you have not heard Shinee's Dream Girl, listen here 

SHINee's "Dream Girl" is one of our new favorite Kpop songs! I met Pumashock when I was invited to perform on Korea's Saturday night TV show, Star King. It turns out that Pumashock was the first American to sing Kpop on that show and now she is singing with DTMG!

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Dave Tauler, vocals
Pumashock, vocals
Kyra Koh, backing vocals
Shervonne Brown, backing vocals
Paul Eldridge, lead guitar
Andrew Glaros, rhythm guitar
Tim Kim, keyboards
DeJuan McCrimmon, keyboard
Teo Lee, electric bass
Brian McFarley, drums

Dave Tauler, executive producer
Brad Baerwald, director & audio engineer
Christian Oh, assistant director
Cinematography by Brad Baerwald, Christian Oh & JeanPaul Tauler
Kyra Koh, vocals producer & makeup artist
Christian Tauler, social media networking

Dave Tauler's wardrobe was designed by KAS.

Recorded live at Studio 51

Music arranged by Tim Kim, DeJuan McCrimmon, Teo Lee, Paul Eldrigde & Dave Tauler




Aron Lee:
Evan Stent:

Niddy Buckner:­m

DTMG Managed by Melting Earth

Pumashock Managed by Billboard Entertainment Group LLC

"Dream Girl" is originally written by Jun Gan-di with music by Hyuk Shin, Jordan Kyle, Ross Lara, Dave Cook, DK and Anthony "TC" Crawford.

Please visit the SMTOWN Official YouTube Channel to view all of SMTOWN's videos including SHINee's original "Dream Girl" at

This DTMG Rock Remix featuring Pumashock uses copyrighted material owned by SM Entertainment and is being used for promotional purposes only and is not for sale in any way, shape, or form.


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