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[MV] Money Maker$ - "Fly High"

The Money Maker$ make a comeback with a new track off of their upcoming 24/7 EP. To purchase the song please visit iTunes link coming soon!
Song: Fly HighLabel: Dynasty Muzik KRExecutive Producer: Roy Kim aka Snacky ChanProduced & Arranged by G-SlowWritten by 손영래, 이주호Mixed by Cuz DMastered by 황홍철 at Sonic KoreaRelease Date: January 17th, 2013MV directed by Woopy
Official Website: Follow @DynastyMuzikKR

Yeah~ Fly high.. i wanna fly high

[Bron Verse 1]
인생은 게임이야, 오 너도 해볼래?
Life is a game, oh you wanna play?

동전은 빌어먹을 먹어가는 나이
This cursed coin is my age

벌써 스물한번째 동전으로 또 플레이
Already putting in my 21st coin in the slot

성공이란 보스를 찾아 동료를 죽이고
In order to win the game we have to kill our team-mates

열등과 고독이란 무기를 찾아 내가 나를 죽이고
I'll kill myself in order to find the weapon of loneliness and inferiority

죽지 못해 사는데 결국은 죽기 위해 살지
I'm living because I can't die, the result is I'm living to die

살기 위해 먹는데 누구는 먹기 위해 살지 fuck
I'm eating just to live but others live to eat (fuck)

신이 있다면 한방 먹일꺼야 꼭 반드시
If there's a God I have to punch him

그 자식이 나를 만든걸 후회하게 보란듯이
I'm gonna make him regret ever making me

아빠는 내가 크길 원했어 반듯이
My father wanted me to be righteous

하지만 아빠는 삐뚫어지게 죽음을 맞았지
but he passed away a crooked man

이 길이 좃된 길이여도 나는 믿어
Even if this route I'm taking is f*cked up, I trust it

사람들이 틀리다 해도 내가 맞는거 같으면 맞는거지
And even if people say I'm wrong, if I think it's right, it's right

그리고 난 많은 여자랑 잘꺼야 숨질때까지
Also I'm going to sleep with many women until I stop breathing

그러니 엿이나 쳐먹어 F*ck
So whatever f*ck

신이여, 만약에 있다면..
God, if you really exist

나 좀 데려가 네가 앉아있는 곳
Take me away to where you are

아무도 없고 배고픔도 못 느끼는 곳
Nobody there and no feeling of hunger

그대여 나와 죽는 순간 같이 가요 꼭
Baby please be with me at the moment I die

I'm flying high (high) x4
I wanna fly high (high)
Fly high (high)
I wanna fly high
Fly high

[J-Flow Verse 2]
숨 차오르는 패턴 날 가만히 좀 놔 둬
I'm having a hard time breathing so please leave me alone

날아가고 싶은 맘에 사생활은 가둬
My body wants to fly away so I put myself in solitary

시간은 정해졌고 달콤한건 짧어
Time is ticking, sweet things don't last long

그 달콤함을 늘리기 위해 내 목을 걸어
I want to increase those sweet things so I put my neck on the line

이건 두 사람의 조화 우린 하늘 높이 날어
This is the harmony of two people, we're flying high in the sky

Flying high 떨이 없더라도 나는 날어
I'm flying high even without marijuana

스피커들이 진동하면 내 영혼이 실려
Speakers vibrating my soul, it mixes in

그와 섞인 목소리가 나를 만들어내 실력
with this voice and that's the skill I've created 

F*ck 하고 Love is a Drug, Irony하게 SWAG
F*ck and Love is a Drug, Irony, and Swag

그것을 데모라고 붙이네
That's just a demonstration

이제는 시작 날 깨달았기 때문에
This is the beginning, because I've woken up

Rewind 따윈 없어 내가 사는현실
There's no way to rewind my life and my choices

꿈은 어제 꿨지 싹다 부셔버린 화실
Had a dream yesterday that I demolished the studio

예술가는 무슨 자기 망상으로 덮힌
Artists are you really, I think you're covered

무덤으로 생각하는 빌어먹을 현실
in self-delusion. Wake up, this is reality

다 벗어나고 싶어 저 하늘 위는 어때
I want to erase it. How's is it above the sky?

랩하는 순간 느낄수가 있지 좃나 좃돼 
At that moment I'm performing I feel f*cking great

You know, you know, haha

Gyeah 다 벗어나고 싶어 저 하늘 위는 어때
Gyeah, I want to erase this reality. How's is it above the sky?

랩하는 순간 느낄수가 있지 좃나 좃돼, Yeah, I'm flying high~
At that moment I'm performing I feel f*cking great. Yeah, I'm flying high~

신이여, 만약있다면..
God, if you really exist
나좀 대려가 니가 앉아있는 곳
Take me away to where you are
아무도 없고 배고픔도 못느끼는 곳
Nobody there and no feeling of hunger
그대여 나와 죽는순간 같이가요 꼭
Baby please be with me at the moment I die

I'm flying high (high) x4
I wanna fly high (high)
Fly high (high)
Fly high (high)
I wanna fly high (high)

Fly high, fly high
Fly high, fly high
I wanna fly high
Fly high, fly high
I wanna fly high x 2

source: dynastymusik


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