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[Referal] KHipHop Sites

This is not a Korean Hip Hop site, but I find myself wanting to post KHipHop a lot because, I have a bias for it. There are many awesome Korean rappers, that are not talked about on the run-of-the-mill Kpop website. I have seen a lot of people looking for suggestions on where to find underground KHipHop music. However, there are a couple of sites I know, that post solely KHipHop articles in English and I want to share those with you.

First is our affiliate site:  Uncharted Sound

Next is another great site: HipHopKr

Another site that I recently discovered: Undersoundz

[New Release] ReBorn - "My Love" ft. ViNu

많은게 달라도(My love)

4th digital single album released on 17th Jan 2013.
available on iTunes/Melon/Amazon/Yesasia etc.

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Have you checked out our interview with this artist here

Source: ItsReborn

[MV] Money Maker$ - "Fly High"

The Money Maker$ make a comeback with a new track off of their upcoming 24/7 EP. To purchase the song please visit iTunes link coming soon!
Song: Fly HighLabel: Dynasty Muzik KRExecutive Producer: Roy Kim aka Snacky ChanProduced & Arranged by G-SlowWritten by 손영래, 이주호Mixed by Cuz DMastered by 황홍철 at Sonic KoreaRelease Date: January 17th, 2013MV directed by Woopy
Official Website: www.dynastymuzik.krFollow @DynastyMuzikKRLyrics

Yeah~ Fly high.. i wanna fly high

[Bron Verse 1]
인생은 게임이야, 오 너도 해볼래?
Life is a game, oh you wanna play?

동전은 빌어먹을 먹어가는 나이
This cursed coin is my age

벌써 스물한번째 동전으로 또 플레이
Already putting in my 21st coin in the slot

성공이란 보스를 찾아 동료를 죽이고
In order to win the game we have to kill our team-mates

열등과 고독이란 무기를 찾아 내가 나를 죽이고
I'll kill myself in order to find the weapon of loneliness and inferiority

죽지 못해 사는데 결국은 죽기 위해 살지
I'm living because I can't die, the result is I'm living to die

살기 위해 먹는데 누구는 먹기 위해 살지 fuck
I'm eating jus…