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[List] of Favorite Songs of 2012

We asked people to tell us their ten favorite songs that came out this year and/or songs they discovered this year. Also, Ciera and me included our list, too. The lists people gave us may or may not have a order. Check out the lists below.-

1. Big Bang- Monster
2. Big Bang- Fantastic Baby
3. LeeSSang- Pursuit of Happiness
4. The Koxx- Love Dance
5. Clazziquai Project- Flea
6. Heenain- You're a Jerk
7. G-Dragon- Crayon
8. Rude Paper- Realize
9. Hot Potato- Pillow
10. Kim C.- Love

1. The Koxx- Bon Voyage
2. Sistar- Alone
3. UKiss- Stop Girl
4. Vixx- Rock Your Body
5. B1A4- Tried to Walk
6. BTOB- Lover Boy
7. Block B- No Joke
8. 100%- Bad Guy
9. K.Will- Please Don't
10. Spica- Russian Roulette

1. Big Bang- Fantastic Baby
2. DaMouth- Something Fishy
3. FIESTAR- Vista
4. Jewelry- Look at Me
5. Dal Shabet- Mr. Bang Bang
6. A Pink- Hush
7. T-ara- Sexy Love
8. Nine Muses- Ticket
9. Nick Chou- SNG (Super Nice Girl)
10. Lee Hi- 1, 2, 3, 4

1. Someday- NoNoNo

[Download] Baksa Gimm - 'The Sweet Escape' Mixtape

dr.Gimm's free Mixtape 'The Sweet Escape'
Featuring 20 original songs by Baksa Gimm.
Tracks inspired by 90's~00's rock music which influenced his youth.

[Download Link]

Check out this 'vintage-sque' music video for "Like Seasons". 

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source: Baksa Gimm

[MV] Rude Paper - "Mama, I'm Home"

Rude Paper - Mama, i'm home ( Official Music Video  )쿤타 & 리얼드리머 2012 - Paper Spectrum VideoDirected by Jay
An emotionally beautiful song, perfect of the holiday season. From Rude Paper's "Spectrum" album

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Source: RudePaper Korea·

[MV] Dyme-A-Duzin "Swank Sinatra" (feat. Joey BadA$$, Capital STEEZ & CJ Fly)

© 2012 WMG Dyme-A-Duzin featuring Joey BadA$$, Capital Steez & CJ Fly "Swank Sinatra" off that "A Portrait Of Donnovan" mixtape dropping 1.9.13 
Produced By Plain Pat. Directed By R.B. Umali
Go to for more details

Source: Dymez513

[Download] MYK and Shirsky - "Adaption" (Free Album)

DOWNLOAD Link 1 | Link 2 (requires email) 
Tracklist 1. Intro
2. Time
3. Picasso(feat.Manifest)
4. 5percenter
5. Last present(instrumental, outro)
6. Cloud 9(feat.manifest) All music Arranged Programming by Shirosky
words by MYK, Manifest
Lyric by MYK, Manifest
Accompanied by Manifest
Photographed by aether
Designed by emjay
Record by Shirosky at Triment factory, Snipersound
Mixed and Mastered by Pe2ny
Producer MYK, Shirosky
Executive produce : Cult Classic Records
CultClassicRecords Facebook | @CultClassicRecs Shirosky.Music Facebook Page| @shiroskyy MYK Facebook Page | @onemyk
Source: Cult Classics Bandcamp

[Download] Kikaflo - Kick a Flow: Second Half Mixtape

Opening Song

// Credits //
All Lyrics Written by Kikaflo (@imKikaflo)
Additional Lyrics by BIGTONE (@NY2SEOUL), NASSUN (@nassundotcom)
Recording Engineered by 유정록 (@ROKS_WORLD)
Mixed & Mastered by YEIZON (@yeizonmuzik)
Art Directed by YPHD (@CHAHYUNG_ONE) for Authors of Phoenix
” Opening Song ” Visual Directed by IPTC (@Inspthec)
Hair by 렴봄 at Gratia, Hongdae (@SpRing8001)

Source: Yeizon

[MV] Khalil Fong- "Love Instantly"

A few weeks ago, I mentioned here that Khalil Fong came out with a new song called Love Instantly. Well, today, he released the music video for it. Check it out below.-

方大同Khalil Fong - 愛立刻 [Official Music Video]

Credit- Khalil Fong Facebook

[Guest Blogger] Rude Paper- Realise

Rude Paper is a hybrid of reggae, hip hop and dupstep all rolled into one fabulous mixture that at first seems destined to be like oil and water but the more you listen to them the more the music draws you in with it's originality.

Members Koonta (singer) and Real Dreamer (producer) certainly seem to have an ear for melding blends together and it's no surprise that others have taken notice. Their first full length album Paper Spectrum debuted in September and includes collaborations with the likes of Brown Eyed Girls' Miryo, Illionaire,Dok2, Sean2Slow, and Sony Music.

They continue this trend in their song Realise, which starts off with a nice slow trance in the background that slowly builds as the song progresses. Koonta's vocals kicks in a faster pace with his reggae sounding vocals, and the combination is just, wow. Indescribable. The dubstep kicks in heavily at the 1:34 mark, in case you find the opening a little too slow.

Personally, this combination of reggae/hip…