[Guest Blogger] LeeSSang-Pursuit of Happiness

LeeSSang hits another homer out of the park with their song "Pursuit of Happiness" off their latest album "Unplugged". This song filters through your ears with an undisguised honesty and purity. The humble words of Gary strike a tearful chord as he recites that his parents haven't worn the shoes he bought them and he tells them to pursue their happiness....in other words; enjoy them, enjoy what he can do for them. Pursue. Your. Happiness.

It's a very deep track and one that blew me away with one round of listening to it. I especially enjoyed the black and white video as well, which fit the Unplugged name perfectly. It felt like I was watching an old MTV video from the 90's but at the same got the added joy of seeing Gary and Gil hard at work at the studio. I hope they do more videos like this, not that I haven't enjoyed their other videos, it's just this one is so...open. Honest. Approachable. Humble.

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