Exo "What Is Love" Shirt

I was inspired to design a shirt based on the coat Kai has on. I want that coat. But, I don't like white clothes, coats, and jackets. Because white gets dirty too easy.

The music videos where I saw the coat at.

EXO-K_WHAT IS LOVE_Music Video (Korean Ver.)

EXO-M_WHAT IS LOVE_Music Video (Chinese Ver.)

The pictures are in order as sketch, before, after, and close up of the design.

I mixed acrylic paint with textile medium to make it fabric paint. As you can see, the design on my shirt is different form my sketch. I knew doing the squares were going to be a problem. So, before I used the paint, I was going to sketch out the two paper plate block prints I made on the shirt. But, it just proved my point that my design wasn't going to work. So, I decided to do something different.


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