[New Release] Nam Soo-Rim - "Drive Me to the Moon" 1st Mini Album

Singer-songwriter Nam Soo Rim releases "Drive Me to the Moon," described as a light album that is at its most natural state.(25th July)

Rapper Rimi will be releasing "Drive Me to the Moon" under her real name Nam Soo Rim, as this will be her first album outside of her original stage name Rimi. 

Nam Soo Rim, who has reached her mid-20s just this year, showcases a light album consisting a total of 5 new tracks in which she tells her story without any fabrication in "Drive Me to the Moon." Unlike the normal rapping she had done before, this upcoming album was all composed and written by Nam Soo Rim herself in giving off her own unique music vibe through an overall acoustic sound.

Check the unique and colorful yet smooth MV for "Drive Me to the Moon".

Her title song "He's Just Not That Into You" speaks well on behalf of the tribulations women feel between love and interest, a featuring from Jo Hyun Ah from Urban Zakapa adding onto the sorrow felt in the song. Other tracks like "My Life is a Comedy" is a song that has the same light identity as a third-class comedy film while "I Love You, Paul" is a song dedicated to Paul McCartney, a member of the band The Beatles. Also in "I Prefer Gentlemen" on top of a fun Reggae beat are lyrics longing a mature relationship as "Drive Me to the Moon" creates a fantasy-like atmosphere with the addition of Park Ji Yoon's vocals.

01. My Life is a Comedy
02. I Love You, Paul
03. I Prefer Gentlemen
04. He's Just Not That Into You (ft. Jo Hyun A of Urban Zakapa)
05. Drive Me to the Moon (ft. Park Ji Yoon)
06. He's Just Not That Into You (Instrumental)
07. I Prefer Gentlemen (Instrumental)

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