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Thank you for your patience, 
With final updates to songs, pictures, and booklet, here is the official download link to Pack Light, Travel Far. Picking up from where the darkness of I N E R T I A left off, I find myself being in a much better place than I was when I N E R T I A was being recorded and released.  As long as your willing, anything can heal if you have the strength to stand against what's holding you back.  If you were going through a storm when I N E R T I A came out. This is my gift to let you know that it's okay to come out of it.  Drop the heavy baggage that might weigh you down and get going....Pack Light, Travel Far. 
Thank you for your time, and your ears. Always appreciative. 
01. Pack Light, Travel Far
02. The Journey
03. 70
04. Fall [ft. Practice Bravery]
05. Cup Runneth [ft. Brandon Rossi, Rome Fortune]
06. Polos With No Logos [Brandon Rossi]
07. Brake Lights
08. Plair Shit
09. [Bonus] Pill Parameters [ft. Rome Fortune, Brandon Rossi]

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