[Promotion] Crucial Star, Take One, and Lil Boi bundle package

Grandline is currently selling the mixtape CDs of Crucial Star, Take One, and Lil Boi in a bundle package. For residents in Asia, the cost of all 3 CDs including shipping and handling is $50 USD while for the residents in the United States and Europe, the cost for all 3 CDs is $58 USD including shipping and handling. Please DM us via Twitter the following information: your name, shipping address (including zip code and country), and a form of contact (preferably phone number). Then, proceed by making a full payment according to the respective country you reside in to the email address llllvioletllll@gmail.com via Paypal. Please make sure that your payment is in USD! Once we have received your payment, we will send you a confirmation on your purchase and the CDs will be shipped via EMS.

Source: DoYouKnowHipHop and Grandline Twitter


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