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[Updated] Triangle Offense Releases A Set Of Solo Music Videos Ahead Of 'First Love' Release

Jersey City electrohop trio Triangle Offense released the second of three music videos on YouTube showcasing its individual members in their own revealing projects.  The videos, which stick to the theme of their upcoming July mixtape release 'The First Love,' feature the members' personal stories of past relationships played over moving imagery.
"Between all of us almost making too much music for The First Love [and our next mixtape] The Break Up, Bry came up with his idea for his song 'First Love,' and it was so perfect that I didn't wanna go on it. 

 He owned it." says TO member Sci who raps over Childish Gambino's 'Heartbeat' for his piece titled 'Worst Love.'  

"It naturally evolved.  'Let's go make solo songs that mean something to us,' then out came mine and same for Pwol."
The videos are directed by indie film director Francis Andal of Iris Cinematics who worked on the video for TO's last single 'It…

[Promotion] Crucial Star, Take One, and Lil Boi bundle package

Grandline is currently selling the mixtape CDs of Crucial Star, Take One, and Lil Boi in a bundle package. For residents in Asia, the cost of all 3 CDs including shipping and handling is $50 USD while for the residents in the United States and Europe, the cost for all 3 CDs is $58 USD including shipping and handling. Please DM us via Twitter the following information: your name, shipping address (including zip code and country), and a form of contact (preferably phone number). Then, proceed by making a full payment according to the respective country you reside in to the email address via Paypal. Please make sure that your payment is in USD! Once we have received your payment, we will send you a confirmation on your purchase and the CDs will be shipped via EMS.

Source: DoYouKnowHipHop and Grandline Twitter


TuneN2IM wants to welcome our new affiliate Korea Hallyu! Recently launched this year, they have already garnered a large following of customers interested in purchasing S.Korean products and goods. Based in Seoul, the E-Store's staff speak Korean, English, French!.  International fans of Kpop to purchase items without translating language or having a Korean ID has been made easier. 

Visit them at  Facebook page: Twitter @KoreaHallyu
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[Download] "Loves Gonna Getcha" Ft. Dynamic Duo, Kero One and Dumbfoundead

Dumbfounded:While Dynamic Duo and Kero One was on tour we worked on a track all together in LA and this was the result! hope yall enjoy it!"Loves Gonna Getcha" Ft. Dynamic Duo, Kero One and Dumbfoundead
Produced by: Kero One"
Dynamic Duo

Kero One


Free Download here ->

Source: Dumbfoundead @ Youtube 

[Download] Woopy - "Pain Is Ma Painkiller" Mixtape

Tracklist  01.Intro - Pain is ma painkiller (Prod by Woopy)
02.Ain't No Rapper
03.Crazy feat.VON
04.우피와요 (뻑이가요 REMIX) [Woopy Man]
06.랩멋쟁이라는 왕관 [ Rap dude named Clown]
07.귀에 쑥쑥 밖아
08.진화형 만성 미치광이[evolution-chronic maniac ]
09.You can't controll me
10.Snap ya finger
11.Everything We Do feat.Addsp2ch
12.홍대진상천왕 feat.Wu-Tan, Newchamp [For the Truth]
13.그지 깡깽이 스웨거

Mixed by Flashback @ Boost Knob
Mastered by 나감독 @ Lo-fi House
Artwork by Babynine Download Here ->
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[New Release] Ashigaru Youth - "Hello ☆ my yesterday'$"

Quirky rock group Ashigaru Youth is back with a new single. "Hello☆my yesterday'$" released June 27, 2012. 
Check out the short PV version. 
The single album is available on CD Japan
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[MV] Nick Chou- S.N.G (Super Nice Girl)

Nick Chou is a Taiwanese American. In Tawain, he is is a actor and singer. His album S.N.G (regular version) came out on May 31th, 2012. He does have a preorder version that comes out on June 6th, 2012 that comes with a notebook. Check out his music video that came out last month called S.N.G (Super Nice Girl). =首播=周湯豪 S.N.G. Super Nice Girl 官方1080高清版- Picture credit- Credit- and