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[MV] Geeks - "Hangover" + Where U Go"

Remember Geeks from last year's "Officially Missing You"? and last month's 1st single "Just Go"? Lil Boi and Louie are back with a brand new single album "Come On, Let's Go" released and will be available at BugsHiphopplaya  and other sites. Check out the video for "Hangover"!

English Lyrics 

[Verse 1] Lil Boi
When I look at my phone, I think, "Who is she?"
(When I look at my phone, I think, "Who is she?")
It's so ironic and this girl is so ironic
(It's so ironic and this girl is so ironic)
Something seems suspicious
Something seems halfhearted

[Verse 2] Louie
Her name was Mijung? Misun?

Or was her last name a Lee
Or was her last name a Kim
Or was it Norah? Stacy?
I don't know if she was a foreigner, but I remember her being blonde
But the most important thing is, how did I get home?
No matter how I dig inside of me and try to recollect my memories
And no matter how much I try to go back in time like Benjamin Button
Something seems suspicious
Something seems halfhearted

[Hook] Lil Boi
I still don't know even with opening my eyes in the morning
I don't remember whose hair on the bed this belongs to...
I try to wash it away, and even shake it all off, but
Something seems suspicious
Something seems halfhearted

"Now, tell your side of the story"

[Verse 3] Lil Boi
Okay, alright, now...
The thing I remember is
Pretty forehead and a nice looking black skirt
Also, pearly white teeth
She was nice; she was dumb
Ah... but at the same time, she had a sexy figure
I feel like I can remember slightly...her stylish clothes
Am I like this right now because I'm drunk?
Something seems suspicious
Something seems halfhearted

[Bridge] Louie
From the days when I would cry like a puppy
The lies she would tell me
I don't remember, I really don't...
You were my friend, you were my girlfriend
If you don't call first right now, then I'm not going to see you anymore

[Harmonica Solo]

I try to wash it away, and even shake it all off, but
Something seems suspicious
Something seems halfhearted
In the morning
Translation cred: Park Jiwon @

"Where U Go"

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