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[Exclusive Interview] JOANLEE !

Your name, what you are called, and/or alias?
My name is Joanlee. That's my real first name. I didn't want to go with an alias because I felt that it was best to give everyone the "real" me with no gimmicks.
Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.?
I am from Long Beach, California and I'm currently always around Long Beach, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York.

What age did you start?
I started doing music and writing since Iwas 8 years old. I grew up listening to hip-hop & R&B and I used to write a lot of poems which turned into lyrics as years went by. Then at my church, I learned how to play the keyboard, guitar, bass & drums. From thenon, I was performing at open mics and a bunch of other local venues. 

 What's your inspiration?
I would have to say my "life experiences" and my surroundings. I grew up in an urban community and during my younger & adolescent years, Long Beach's crime rate was at it'speak with gang act…

Ji Sung

Ji Sung is an R&B singer. His first single album is called My Time. It came out on April 9th, 2012. Check out one of his songs below called One Last Cry.

Jisung (지성) - One Last Cry.-

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[MV] Geeks - "Hangover" + Where U Go"

Remember Geeks from last year's "Officially Missing You"? and last month's 1st single "Just Go"? Lil Boi and Louie are back with a brand new single album "Come On, Let's Go" released and will be available at BugsHiphopplaya  and other sites. Check out the video for "Hangover"!

English Lyrics 

[Verse 1] Lil Boi
When I look at my phone, I think, "Who is she?"
(When I look at my phone, I think, "Who is she?")
It's so ironic and this girl is so ironic
(It's so ironic and this girl is so ironic)
Something seems suspicious
Something seems halfhearted

[Verse 2] Louie
Her name was Mijung? Misun?

Or was her last name a Lee
Or was her last name a Kim
Or was it Norah? Stacy?
I don't know if she was a foreigner, but I remember her being blonde
But the most important thing is, how did I get home?
No matter how I dig inside of me and try to recollect my memories
And no matter how much I try to go back in time like Benjamin Button

[MV] AILI × SPICY CHOCOLATE ft. SKY-HI(AAA) - "To Be By Your Side... "

A collaboration between singer, producer AILI and SPICY CHOCOLATE featuring SKY-HI of AAA! The Music video was shot in Los Angeles.

Available on Itunes

Source: AvexNetwork

[Exclusive Interview] Juliette's Affair!

Your name, what you are called, and/or alias? We are Juliette's Affair. Our members are Leader/Main Rapper Sven and Lead Vocalist Ovid.
Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.? We are from and active here in the Bay Area of Northern California.
What age did you start? Both Sven and Ovid began performing in singing, dancing, and acting in high school.
What's your inspiration? Our inspiration comes from artists and groups such as B2ST, INFINITE, and Block B. They inspire us to strive like them and be as incredible as they are.
What's your style? Our style mainly comes from Kpop, but mainly 'boy band' style with a 2012 update. You can say we are a typical boy band, but we can guarantee that we are different from most boy bands past and present. It's Juliette's Affair style.

How would you describe your music? The music we want to bring to people is strictly pop music, but a dash of R&B and dance. It's more Kpop meets American music, but properly perf…

[MV] Primary - "Be" featuring Zion T

The quirky yet sleek and stylish  Primary has returned with "Primary and the Messengers" Part 002 sequel to last year's Part 001 with songs featuring vocals of Jinshil of Mad Soul Child and raps of Leessang's Gary and Supreme Team. This time back with songs featuring Zion T and Beenzino! Check out the new music video for "Be".  

Available at hiphopplaya 
Tracklist  01 "Be" ft. Zion T. 02 "Away" ft. Beenzino
Primary @mrPRIMARY
Zion T @SkinnyRed