[MV][Eng Sub] NU'EST - "Face"

The voice of the teen generation, NU'EST! Their addictive title song - 'FACE' The title song of their debut single album, 'FACE,' gives voice to young people, speaking about what's happening in society from the perspective of teens. It's a song of honesty and candor that accurately reflects the feelings of teens today. 'FACE' conveys a strong message that will reach not only teens but people of all ages, and gives all of us in society something to think deeply about.  
'FACE,' by Swedish songwriter Daniel Bergman, stands out from the usual K-pop songs by taking on dubstep, an on-trend genre these days. It features a highly addictive chorus that makes it strikingly compelling. The driving rhythms and slick techno feel of the synth and bass vividly convey NU'EST's distinctive sophistication and intensity.

I'm glad Pledis is taking the time to upload the music video with subtitles in various languages. Hopefully more and more entertainment companies will follow suit. It seems to becoming a necessity in spreading the Hallyu wave in 2012. 


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