[Exclusive Interview] S.Korea's R&B Diva Boni!

Get to know lovely RnB songstress Boni better through this interview she was gracious enough to have with us. 

Your name, what you are called, and/or alias?
My name is Boni, everybody calls me this way. : ) of course I got the Korean name though, Bo Kyung.
As you guys can assume that, "Bo"ni came from "Bo" Kyung. 

Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.?
I'm from Korea,usually Hongdae st. in Seoul. Cause my company is in here, and My home. 
or around home or company. And every time that I have to go to some places to sing, or to do the radio, 
the places are different depend on works. 

What age did you start?
You mean, sing, right ? well, it's funny. Naturally, started at age 6 or 7..? and technically,high school student, at age 17.
about 10 years passed, since I started. wow..

What's your inspiration?
Me, almost the same as people. sometimes I seat at a cafe and watching couples and friends.
And this is kind of bad habit. plz, don't get me wrong. Sometimes I listen to what they talk. Their talking remind me love,
friendship, jealous, dream.. a lot of emotions. And also when I talk with my friends, their stories are inspire me a lot. 

A person that listens to your songs will feel honored that they were included in the inspiration for your art. :)

What's your style?
Hmm. My style.This is the most comprehensive question. 
Energetic. Good. Positive. Sensitive. Acting like a child sometimes. I mean, naive. ;D.
When I do works, when I sing, when I talk. all styles that I mentioned influence complexly.

How would you describe your music?
My music is soft and strong at times. Clear and fresh.But I can make vintage though (and will try). 
If you guys watch my video that I covered Mercy - Duffy, you would notice that.
My music provide how emotion goes through , "1990" and single musics, "By my side" and "It hurts". I want to give you the feeling of R&B. Smooth, strong and passionate melodies and rhythm through my vocal. 
(featuring actress Min Hyo Rin)

What is your favorite song that you have done?
ResQ Me. I remember whole feeling that I felt when I recorded. When I sing chorus part andverse part. and also after recording, me and my producer Mbrica and my boss really like that. and vocalization of ResQ me was new experience.

People you have had a collaboration with and/or friends?
Verbaljint for Nu One. He rapped. Mild Beats (he's hiphop producer, hemade me "For the Lovers" from "1990", and lots of my fans knowthe producer who made me and "1990". and 40, He gave me"It Hurts". And I sang together with R&B singer, Jinbo at the Rhythmer show. 

credit: @40Number

We are very big fans of Verbal Jint, 40 and Jinbo here. It is always gratifiying to see our favorite artist working together. 

What are your hobbies?
Watching movie or concert DVDs and sitcoms (am kinda crazy about!) like "The Big Bang Theory", "How I Met Your Mother", and soap operas like (Umm, this couldbe many ;D) "The Royal Pain","The Mentalist","NCSI" and all  "CSI"series , "Castle", "Supernatural"  and so on…Awwwhhh… so many. 

Anything else?... 
I am working for my the official first album now. Please keep supporting me. And thanks for loving my music and Boni.
If you guys want to contact here.


Wealso recommend viewing the fan operated BoniTv channel formore performances and appearances of Boni. Her albums and single are available on itunes.  Special thanks to Boni, we look forward to hearing more from her in her future projects. 


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