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[Exclusive Interview] S.Korea's R&B Diva Boni!

Get to know lovely  RnB  songstress Boni better through this interview she was gracious enough to have with us.  Your name, what you are called, and/or alias? My name is Boni, everybody calls me this way. : ) of course I got the Korean name though, Bo Kyung. As you guys can assume that, "Bo"ni came from "Bo" Kyung.  Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.? I'm from Korea,usually Hongdae st. in Seoul. Cause my company is in here, and My home.  or around home or company. And every time that I have to go to some places to sing, or to do the radio,  the places are different depend on works.  What age did you start? You mean, sing, right ? well, it's funny. Naturally, started at age 6 or 7..? and technically,high school student, at age 17. about 10 years passed, since I started. wow.. What's your inspiration? Me, almost the same as people. sometimes I seat at a cafe and watching couples and friends

[MV] Soulights- Leave Me

A little over a week ago, I wrote about Soulights here . Soulights "Seoulitude" album came out on February 16th, 2012. A music video for "Leave Me" came out this week. Check it out below.- Picture-

[MV][Eng Sub] NU'EST - "Face"

The voice of the teen generation, NU'EST! Their addictive title song - 'FACE'  The title song of their debut single album, 'FACE,' gives voice to young people, speaking about what's happening in society from the perspective of teens. It's a song of honesty and candor that accurately reflects the feelings of teens today. 'FACE' conveys a strong message that will reach not only teens but people of all ages, and gives all of us in society something to think deeply about.    'FACE,' by Swedish songwriter Daniel Bergman, stands out from the usual K-pop songs by taking on dubstep, an on-trend genre these days. It features a highly addictive chorus that makes it strikingly compelling.  The driving rhythms and slick techno feel of the synth and bass vividly convey NU'EST's distinctive sophistication and intensity. I'm glad Pledis is taking the time to upload the music video with subtitles in various languages. Hopefully


Soulights is a mixed group. They debuted on November, 30th, 2002. Their genre is R&B and Urban. The members in the group are Jung EunSun (Vocal), Jung JaeHoon (Bass Guitar), Kim DooHyun (Drum), Son ChangHak (Electric Keyboard), and Yoo KyungPyo (Electric Guitar). Soulights had a album come out called Seoulitude on February 16th, 2012. Here is one of their songs from the album. Check it out.- Soulights (소울라이츠) - 떠나 (Leave Me)- Picture- Credit-

[MV] Jeremy Thurber - "Forever & A Day"

"Forever & A Day" MV Performed and Written By: Jeremy Thurber Directed by: @DavidLehre  Produced By: Baby Dee Beats Jeremy Thurber is an up and coming force in the music industry writing for artist such as Jake Miller, Karl Wolf, P. Reign, and working with some of the best producers in the world. Dancing, singing, writing, arranging, producing he can do it all, not to mention his brief but quite successful commercial acting career. Check out more at source: jeremythurbermusic yt  | photo credit: facebook

[MV] EVO (feat.Jinbo) - "Go"

Evo's debut Ep album  "My Way"  under the Independent label Hi-lite has been released. Prior to this release Evo has been releasing singles for free downloads on Mondays called  '3 S Monday' .   Evo (feat. Jinbo) - Go [Music Video] directed by Aeizoku (Good Life Works) Evo's Debut EP album [My Way]  Release Date: March 2nd 2012 source: Hi-Lite Music