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[MV] Girard, Triangle Offense, Miso Kim & Jake Choi - "Number 1"

This is a winning song for those who had enough from people who takes games too seriously. Beating one never felt so good. Now let's celebrate! Number 1!
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Produced by Dayside Productions (
Written & Directed by Girard Tecson
Performed by: Girard, Miso Kim, Jake Choi and
Triangle Offense (
Lyrics by: Triangle Offense & Lawrence Page
Beats by: DJ Kish
Mixed by: DJ NoRequest
VFX by: Karim (
Dancers: Unique Movement, Image Crew, Nia Nitro
PAs: Billy Pan, Usaid Arshad
The Nerd: Seth Baird
Special thanks to:
Baga Studios for letting us shoot on your rooftop.
LaGuardia Community College
Wonder Marq and co.
Sub-Zero, Mileena, & Kitana
And for all those who helped and came out during the shoots!
Wanna collab? Want to be part of the next video? We are open to ideas and new people to work with! E-mail us at
For more info:

Check out the interview with our friends Triangle Offense 


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