[List] Creepy Kpop Music Videos 2011

Here are a some Kpop music video that are considered creepy, unsettling or at least fits the theme.

 G-Dragon - "She's Gone"
Like straight out of your favorite horror movie, GD takes the role of a psycho murderer in this relationship gone wrong.

(subbed version)

Leessang - "Ballerino" (ft. Ali)
I admit this is one of the music videos that creeps me out the most.

 2NE1 - "It Hurts"
Not particularly creepy but i remember it came out around Halloween and the theme is perfect for it.

IU - "Missing Child"
Girl... if you don't get out of that cemetery..

2Wins - "Bleeding"
She's a gorgeous girl and vampire...but why does she have a reflection?

 8Eight - "Without A Heart"
More vampire girls.

 Taeyang - "I'll Be There" (eng version)
Not exactly creepy, but hey it's dark nature, taking place in a "haunted house" and a graveyard.

 Sunny Hill - "Pray"
To be honest, what I find what they do to the poor human-like monster is more disturbing.

Hyori - "Swing"
Hey, I'm just freaked out by most clowns in general.

Clazziquai - "Flea"
I just love it.. Horan makes a lovely Medusa

 T-ara - "Lies" (ballad ver) from "Soul" OST
Sheesh.. give me the other 2 or 3 versions of this song and the videos for those instead any day.

 YangPa - "Ghost" from "Soul" OST
Another really, really disturbing video, made from scenes of the drama.

 Song Ji Eun - "Going Crazy" ft Bang Yong Guk
Girl murders her stalker...but truthfully the scariest things are the shoes at 1:52.

2pm - Heartbeat
Beautiful zombies.

Not an actual music video, but a live performance. Still, it's rather chilling right?
IU - Cruel Fairy Tale

Got anymore suggestions? I think it will be the last time I watch some of these videos in a long while. Call me a wuss if you want.

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