[Film] The LoveWhore(s). . . (not) the end - Nana Sam

" The story is about Fly, a natural born artist and his friends : the cocky and flirty Jet (who is as well a member of the snobby CSA) , the hipster and serious Karen ( who has a huge crush on Jet) and the happy go lucky Lola (who almost see Fly as an Half-God because of his talent.).
The 4 of them are : The LoveWhore(s) leaded by the crazy but talented Fly ... (more coming !)
*CSA :the Civitas School Association. A students Art club.*Noir Cloud : Online community/video blog for artists.*Kpop : Korean music the characters listen to in the movie.
Actors : Kenny Wong, David N. , Oceane P. and Nana Sam , Story &; Editing : Nana Sam
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ps : I don't own the rights of any songs playing in : the Lovewhore(s). All credits goes to the rightful owners "
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