[Download] Money Maker$ - MM$ 'ㅗ' Mixtape

Money Maker$ (MM$) a hip-hop duo part of Dynasty Musik released their mixtape "usefulness". This tape includes Cali Swag District "Teach Me How To Dougie" remix "Teach Me How To Rap" ....


"Money Makers" mixed by Atlanta based producer Kato

(click album art to download)

MM$ '
' Mixtape Tracklisting (13)

1) New School Funk 
2) Nothin' 
3) Imma 'B' 
4) In the AM 
5) F*CK! 
6) Motivation KRemix 
7) Teach me how to Rap 
8) Left - Right 
9) Bonkers 
10) 5 O' Clock 
11) Gucci Room 
12) 18 
13) Money Makers feat. The Yellow Boyz (Produced by Kato)

For more info on the Money Maker$ 

Money Maker$ Twitter : @moneymakerskr

Dynasty Muzik Youtube


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