[Download] "I N E R T I A" - Niko Villamor


"It’s finally here. I recorded this during the first week of July and decided to drop it on my birthday. My computer crashed and I had to re record all of the records besides “The Unknown”,  but I still dropped it on my birthday because I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from doing so. 
Anyway, this record captures the feelings and emotions that was built up during that time.  This was also the first record where I felt like if you don’t like this record, thats fine, the music is just not for you at this point in your life.  But maybe one day it will be, but hopefully it wont. Haha. Listen and spread it around. This is my gift to you.  This is the beginning of I N E R T I A .
I would like to thank my brother Kyle “Pro” Stewart for producing the entire project, and I would like to thank my brother Robert Earl McDaniel II for mixing it.  So thank you Pro for giving me the canvas, and Rob thank you for framing it.
Happy Birthday Villa."

I'm celebrating Villa's b-day by listening to his new tape. Join me and download it and enjoy. Check out related post for more music downloads. 


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