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[List] Creepy Kpop Music Videos 2011

Here are a some Kpop music video that are considered creepy, unsettling or at least fits the theme.

G-Dragon - "She's Gone"
Like straight out of your favorite horror movie, GD takes the role of a psycho murderer in this relationship gone wrong.

(subbed version)

Leessang - "Ballerino" (ft. Ali)
I admit this is one of the music videos that creeps me out the most.

2NE1 - "It Hurts"
Not particularly creepy but i remember it came out around Halloween and the theme is perfect for it.

IU - "Missing Child"
Girl... if you don't get out of that cemetery..

2Wins - "Bleeding"
She's a gorgeous girl and vampire...but why does she have a reflection?

8Eight - "Without A Heart"
More vampire girls.

Taeyang - "I'll Be There" (eng version)
Not exactly creepy, but hey it's dark nature, taking place in a "haunted house" and a graveyard.

Sunny Hill - "Pray"
To be honest, what I find what they do to the poo…

[Download] 2ne1 "Fire" and Big Bang "Tonight" Remixes by Kato Producer

Listen to "Fire" and "Tonight" like you never heard them before. They get A-town remixes by producer Kato. What do you think? Download and leave your comment on the videos or tell @KatoProducer himself.



source: KatoHipHop

[Download] Money Maker$ - MM$ 'ㅗ' Mixtape

Money Maker$ (MM$) a hip-hop duo part of Dynasty Musik released their mixtape "usefulness". This tape includes Cali Swag District "Teach Me How To Dougie" remix "Teach Me How To Rap" ....
"Money Makers" mixed by Atlanta based producer Kato
(click album art to download)
MM$ 'ㅗ' Mixtape Tracklisting (13)

1) New School Funk
2) Nothin'
3) Imma 'B'
4) In the AM
5) F*CK!
6) Motivation KRemix
7) Teach me how to Rap
8) Left - Right
9) Bonkers
10) 5 O' Clock
11) Gucci Room
12) 18
13) Money Makers feat. The Yellow Boyz (Produced by Kato)

For more info on the Money Maker$ 

Money Maker$ Twitter :@moneymakerskr

Dynasty Muzik Youtube

[List] Kpop Male Groups Debuts 2011

Kpop:  Male Group Debuts 2011With two months left in the year, lets take a glance at the male groups that debuted since the beginning of this year. I listed fan-sites that  direct you profiles of the groups and members you may be interested in. 

X-5(Open World Entertainment)
Tumblr Fansite
Debut MV  Live
Block B (Brand New Stardom Ent.) Tumblr FansiteDebut MVLiveOthers"Tell Them" subbed N-Train (Media Line Entertainment )
Tumblr Fansite
Debut MV LiveAcoustic Version 
Boyfriend (StarShip Entertainment )
Tumblr Fansite
Debut MV

[Film] The LoveWhore(s). . . (not) the end - Nana Sam

" The story is about Fly, a natural born artist and his friends : the cocky and flirty Jet (who is as well a member of the snobby CSA) , the hipster and serious Karen ( who has a huge crush on Jet) and the happy go lucky Lola (who almost see Fly as an Half-God because of his talent.).The 4 of them are : The LoveWhore(s) leaded by the crazy but talented Fly ... (more coming !)*CSA :the Civitas School Association. A students Art club.*Noir Cloud : Online community/video blog for artists.*Kpop : Korean music the characters listen to in the movie.
Actors : Kenny Wong, David N. , Oceane P. and Nana Sam , Story &; Editing : Nana SamFacebook  Page 

ps : I don't own the rights of any songs playing in : the Lovewhore(s). All credits goes to the rightful owners "Don't forget to go to the videos and leave your comments! For more films by Nana Sam check out the yt channel

[Download] "I N E R T I A" - Niko Villamor

"It’s finally here. I recorded this during the first week of July and decided to drop it on my birthday. My computer crashed and I had to re record all of the records besides “The Unknown”,  but I still dropped it on my birthday because I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from doing so.Anyway, this record captures the feelings and emotions that was built up during that time.  This was also the first record where I felt like if you don’t like this record, thats fine, the music is just not for you at this point in your life.  But maybe one day it will be, but hopefully it wont. Haha. Listen and spread it around. This is my gift to you.  This is the beginning of I N E R T I A .I would like to thank my brother Kyle “Pro” Stewart for producing the entire project, and I would like to thank my brother Robert Earl McDaniel II for mixing it.  So thank you Pro for giving me the canvas, and Rob thank you for framing it.Happy Birthday Villa."

I'm celebrating…

[Teaser] The Boss - 2nd Kor. single album "Lady"

대국남아(The BOSS) 
2nd Single Album 'Lady'
Release Date: October 26, 2011

credit: gif by yoseob

[New Release] "Number One"

Jay Renz of Version 2 revamps "Number One", the single with D-Pryde from 2008 & brings on a familiar roster of talented artists to switch it up. Derez, Jewlz and Nikko Dator take care of the verses while Jay takes care of the hook once again. Hook written by Adam Buchan.

[Exclusive Interview] DJ Yigtugd

1.) Your name, what you are called, and/or alias? 
My DJ name is DJ Yigytugd. I actually got the name from a typo. I am on the official Playstation Forums as "Yigytugd". I had a previous name and got the opportunity to change my name. I wanted it to stay the same but the system wouldn't allow it. I thought it was an error in the system so decided to just hit a few keys to see if it would go through. Didn't think it would but I typed Yigytugd and it did through. I really loved the name and others on the forums did as well. After that day, I used Yigytugd as my alias.

2.) Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.?
I am from Bronx, New York but I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia.

3.) What age did you start?
I started DJing in 2008.

4.) What's your inspiration?
DJ Masa is my main inspiration for making mashups and the reason I started. I heard his mashup album "J-Bootie (Vol. 1)" and I was amazed! He blended a lot of songs that I didn't know but …

[Exclusive Interview] DJ Rex aka Rex Rowdee

1.) Your name, what you are called, and/or alias? I just go by Rex. Some people know me DJ Rex or Rex 'Rowdee'... since that's how I tag my mixes, "Rowdee." Honestly the title's just tentative because I haven't figured out how I want to label myself to the public once I release some original music.

2.) Where you are from, where you are active? I was born in Incheon, Korea and right now I'm based in New York/New Jersey due to work! I'm expecting to go back to Korea in the near future.
3.) What age did you start?

Start music? I've always playing around with music since I was young. I've been singing and playing the piano since the age of 11. I really got into band music after joining our church's praise band, but then I started straying away from that to dance music once I got to high school. From then on, I saved up money through odd jobs so that I could buy the equipment I have now.

4.) What's your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from …