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[Exclusive Interview] B-Free The MC

1.) Your name, what you are called, and/or alias? -  My Name is Sung Ho Choi but my friends used to call me Shane and now I go by the stage name B-Free.  2.) Where you are from, where you are active at? - I was born in Seoul but moved to Honolulu when I was about 8 and came back 10 years later and been officially rapping since 2007. 3.) What age did you start? - What age did i start? Writing? I think I've been writing rhymes since i was in the 6th grade. Then started recording it in high school with couple friends. Nothing serious though we only had a karaoke machine ha. 4.) What's your inspiration? - My inspiration is my fans. My family and my home , both Honolulu and Seoul. Fans inspire me to work harder. My family think about writing more positive. And my home gives me the topics and stories. 5.) What's your style? - What's my style.. I don't know how I would define my own style but I guess people would say i'm aggressive. I

Royal Pirates to play at Roxy Theater

Join the ROYAL PIRATES at THE ROXY  THEATER  on SUNSET BLVD Friday, August 5th.  This event is all ages. THE ROXY THEATRE ​/ ​ Get updates from RP by following:​yalpirates ​​ingfromdawn​rates ​ Please spread the flyer around and help promote!  credits: photo:  |  Video: fadingfromdawn