Basick to release first album in August

From Independent Records (INDEPENDENT RECORDS / Indep below) Basick's  first album [CLASSICK] to be released in August. He won first place in a rap underground competition and emerged as a rookie in the mix tape with Double Trouble (DOUBLE TROUBLE),  released four years ago and their first album, he polished his skills in the meantime. In addition, the jacket design was done by graffiti JNJ CREW team upon the album's completion.
The album as a whole is filled with stories about himself and hip-hop, set to release August 13th.
01. BASICK INSTINCT / Prod. Jay Kidman 
02. BASICK / Prod. Duckdap 
03. RHYMIN '/ Prod. Vida Loca 
04. CHECK IT OUT (Ft. Jay Moon, DJ Tiz) / Prod. Pe2ny 
05. ENTOURAGE / Prod. Luka 
06. BOUNCE (Ft. VASCO) / Prod. Jay Kidman 
07. HEAD & TAIL (Ft. Crybaby) / Prod. The Quiett 
08. I'MA WINNER NOW / Prod. Duckdap 
09. DOUBLE TROUBLE (Ft. InnoVator) / Prod. P'Sound 
10. BASEMENT / Prod. Duckdap 
11. GET UP (Ft. gimsaehangil) / Prod. Kim Sae Han Gil 
twelve. UR NOT ALONE / Prod. DJ Soulscape 
thirteen. RAPPER'S NIGHT (Ft. B-Free) / Prod. Soriheda 
14. GOOD LIFE (Ft. gimsaehangil) / Prod. Crybaby
Featuring: VASCO, B-Free, InnoVator, Crybaby, Jay Moon, Kim Sae Han Gil, DJ Tiz
PRODUCER: DJ SOULSCAPE, Pe2ny, The Quiett, Vida Loca, soriheda, Duckdap, Crybaby, Luka, Jay Kidman, gimsaehangil, P 'SOUND

source: HHP

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