[Exclusive Interview] Kayla Hang (xRAWR16)


 Your name, what you are called, and/or alias?

 Full name is Kayla Nkaujhlub Hang (my middle name is in my native language, Hmong :D) A lot of people also refer to me as xRAWR16, my YouTube username lol. 

- Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.?

K: I am from Wisconsin, born and raised. I'm trying to get more active in my school and especially my community. I'm also part of a youth group at my church and help out as much as I can. I'm currently a staff that helps/teaches the 3-5th graders during Sunday school and doing whatever it takes to help others outside my church is something I strive to do as well :) 

- What age did you start?

K: Music has always been in my life. I first took piano lessons in second grade and continued for two years before I quit. Eventually, I took another year around middle school. I've also taken one year of voice lessons in middle school but quit that too. Sixth grade was when I wanted to take singing more seriously. I've been in choir for every year I've been in school and posted my very first video on YouTube in 8th grade. 

- What's your inspiration?

K: My inspiration...that's a hard one. There are PLENTY of people out there that inspire me to do better. However, I must say the biggest thing that inspires me or motivates me to keep going are my fans and supporters ! I love getting a personal message from someone telling me how my music (originals or rewrites) have really affected them in their life and the situation they've been in or are going through. That's what I aim to do with my music. I find it inspiring that I have the "power" to stir the emotions of others through something I love, and that's music ! :) 

- What's your style?

K: Style, style, style. My style has been compared multiple times to Colbie Caillat. I loveeee her music because it's so simple and meaningful at the same time. I should've mentioned her as one of my inspirations lol. I would have to agree though, if I were to, I guess, "define" my style, then it'd be closest to her music. But I DO try to stay away from being too similar to another artist because I like to add my own personality into my music. 

- How would you describe your music?

 K: My love songs are corny, cheesy, and simple . My "sad" songs are deep and cut straight to the heart. My other songs...well I still have yet to make a song that's not about love or some type of heartache lol. 

- What is your favorite song that you have done?

K: Hmm, I'm not sure. I like em all ! Even though not all of them are necessarily written from personal experiences, there are plenty of pieces of me thrown into each song somehow. 

- People you have had a collaboration with and/or friends?

K: Liz is my best friend that I've done a couple duets with. We just love to sing for fun and harmonize. She always takes the soprano line :P haha. I've done collabs with some very talented artists such as emceeRANTSOM, Tousher, and City Boy and many more. I like to do collabs with artists that are more underground as well because I think their talent should get more attention :) Getting to do collabs with bigger artists is also a wonderful opportunity I count myself lucky and privileged to do as well ! 

- What are your hobbies?

K: I love anything to do with music basically. I photoshop, still learning. Almost anything to do with art as well. I like expanding my creativity as much as possible. I...would love to learn how to bgirl honestly lol , but I'm not all that coordinated . I've tried haha. I enjoy shopping and eating, food is my best friend. Chillin with my friends is a biggy, although sadly I don't do that much these days. Those are basically the main things I do. Not too exciting x) 

C: I also want to learn photoshop, but sadly it seems i'll still forever paint.

- Anything else?

K: I'm learning so much about music recording and editing. It'so very exciting! It's also very time consuming as well. I'm definitely looking forward to expand my knowledge and to hopefully make an album someday. I'm not necessarily looking or hoping to get signed one day, I'd be happy just making music and sharing it with YouTube like I am now. If I did though, I think it'd be one heck of an experience lol. Just thanks again to TuneN2IM for giving me the honor to do this interview with them! 

C: You are certainly welcome, we appreciate you doing this interview with us. Your talent will not go unnoticed. We wish you much success in the future. Keep making wonderful music! 
-- TuneN2IM

My Covers & Other videos : http://youtube.com/xRAWR16 
My Originals & Collabs : http://youtube.com/kaylahangmusic

Make sure to check out both of Kayla's channels!


photo credit: kaylahang@tumblr
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