[MV] 우피(Woopy) - 나는 랩 멋쟁이 (feat. J'Kyun)

Woopy is releasing his first EP! He has succeed in showing the different colors in the musical spectrum. Some songs are fun and exciting perfect for dancing while others are more serious, keeping the album with a fresh feeling. Check out this amusing video also featuring rapper J'Kyun.

Preview Woopy's "Here Comes A New Challenger" album

01. Here Comes A New Challenger 
02. Just Wait 
03. Go Woopy 
04. 나는 랩 멋쟁이 (Feat. J'Kyun) 
05. B.I.G (Feat. Ceejay, 놀부 Of Fresh Boyz) 
06. That'S Ma Name (Feat. Kuan Of All That) 
07. 나랑은 안 어울리는 사랑노래 (Feat. Tidy) 
08. 붐벼 (Feat. Kingpin) (Woopy Ver.) 
09. Ass Bounce 
10. Ma Life 
11. Please Insert Coin 

Available at
 Korean Sites: MNET | Naver  | Bugs
English Sites: Yesasia 

_More Woopy_
Twitter : @Woopy84

source: WoopyTV 
photo:  bbowoo | artwork: deepflow 

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