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Samuel says "Goodbye" before leaving for 2 year military service

Rapper Samuel announced that he will be fulfilling his 2 year military service. Before he leaving he released "Goodbye" (produced by Kruxx Beatz) 
Previously he has released his "Now or Never" Mixtape, "Passby Mixtape" and the smooth "Okay" single. 
"Time To Say Good Bye I Ain't Gone Die Now I Ain't Gone Leave No I Ain't Gone Lose Now" I'll wait for Samuel's return and look forward to his future releases!

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@knocksteady Hey guys sorry for the lag, I'm gonna try and drop a new song/video for free download every week! Stay tuned!

Original instrumental is XV's "Everybody's Nobody" - 
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[New Release] [Single] Alex - "Like a Dream"

"Clazziquai Alex's return to the music scene has grabbed many people's attention. It was announced on May 19th that Alex will return with his 2nd solo album with a title songwritten by singer-songwriter Kim Dongryul.

As a preview of what's to come, Alex has released the digital single "Same Dream" by Kim Dongryul. "Same Dream" is a ballad song that brings out the full warmth of Alex's vocals. 

On May 24th, Alex will release his 2nd solo album "Just Like Me." Are you looking forward to his album release? 
Support Alex by purchasing his digital single on Bugsor Soribada."

Oh my, if you're feeling like me, you're super excited for Alex's next full album! Finally a dream come true. 
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[MV] 우피(Woopy) - 나는 랩 멋쟁이 (feat. J'Kyun)

Woopy is releasing his first EP! He has succeed in showing the different colors in the musical spectrum. Some songs are fun and exciting perfect for dancing while others are more serious, keeping the album with a fresh feeling. Check out this amusing video also featuring rapper J'Kyun.

Preview Woopy's "Here Comes A New Challenger" album
01. Here Comes A New Challenger
02. Just Wait
03. Go Woopy
04. 나는 랩 멋쟁이 (Feat. J'Kyun)
05. B.I.G (Feat. Ceejay, 놀부 Of Fresh Boyz)
06. That'S Ma Name (Feat. Kuan Of All That)
07. 나랑은 안 어울리는 사랑노래 (Feat. Tidy)
08. 붐벼 (Feat. Kingpin) (Woopy Ver.)
09. Ass Bounce
10. Ma Life
11. Please Insert Coin

Available at
 Korean Sites: MNET | Naver  | Bugs
English Sites: Yesasia

_More Woopy_
Twitter : @Woopy84

source: WoopyTV photo: bbowoo | artwork: deepflow

[Exclusive Interview] ReBorn

Producer ReBorn was kind enough to interview with us. He recently released his first mini album "Born to Soul" Check out the music video for "You With Me". ReBorn's sweet and smooth vocals give one a relaxed and calming feeling here. 

"Me With You" 

1.) Your name, what you are called, and/or alias? ReBorn
2.) Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.? In Seoul, South Korea
3.) What age did you start? I don't remember exactly, i guess it's been 10 years.
4.) What's your inspiration? Everything I feel. It comes up randomly. 
5.) What's your style? Basically R&B and Soul. But I don't say it's just something. 
6.) How would you describe your music?  It's mixed everything. I love put the point of each style of music. I love brass of Jazz, beat of Hiphop, melody of R&B. I always think mixing them well.
7.) What is your favorite song that you have done? "She's in Paris" and "Too late", I worked so much…

[News]SS501 Heo YoungSaeng’s Mini Album & Tracklist

Being recognized as the lead vocal of SS501 with a beautiful voice! Explosive singing ability and his own style of dance ability different from others!

SS501’s lead vocal Heo YoungSaeng’s very first mini album “Let It Go” is to be released and Heo YoungSaeng will stand in front of the public as a solo singer. 7 years after debut, not as a vocal of SS501, nor as a member of SS501, you can listen to Heo YoungSaeng’s own story in this mini album “Let It Go”, which contains both dance and ballad, coexisting with harmony, making listeners feel rich in the ears.

Title song “Let It Go” is by Sweetune, talking about a different way of love between male and female. A cold guy who is indifferent in front of love, Heo YoungSaeng sings with his unique refined beautiful voice, completed with 4minute HyunA’s sensual rap expressing a female’s desire for love.

Taewan, who co-made singer Rain’s album, participated for this fast tempo American club dance song “Out The Club”. Heo YoungSaeng wrote the lyric…