[New Release] "It's All Good (TO's Diner)"

Triangle Offense is back at it again, with the latest leak from their upcoming mixtape "The First Love". "It's All Good (TO's Diner)" is the first release from their brand new "TO Tuesdays" campaign, in which they'll be dropping some form of new media (songs, videos, etc.) weekly. Bry of Triangle Offense says, "We selected this single because we felt it set the perfect vibe for spring. We wanted the track to have a more traditional hip-hop sound than people are used to hearing from us."

Also, be sure to check out their last single, "Love it (One In A Million)"

As well as their music video, "TGIF":

To download their latest mixtape "The Courting" for free, click here: http://triangle-offense.com/?p=523

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