[Exclusive Interview] Cello Kid

1.) Your name, what you are called, and/or alias?
My name is Cameron Cloman but I'm better known by my alias, Cello Kid.

2.) Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.?
I'm from everywhere. I was born in Minneapolis but was raised equally in Kansas, North/South Carolina. I currently reside in Va Beach, Virginia.

3.) What age did you start?
I began my musical journey in the 6th grade...so whatever age I was at then, I can't remember lol.

4.) What's your inspiration?
I'm inspired by all things beautiful, most of the time it isn't even music. A lot of times it's some ill photography or architecture I'm looking at or maybe even just a beautiful person that passes me. My mind works in a strange way, if a beautiful girl passes by I'm not saying I'm going to write a song about her...that rarely happens. It's more like my creativity is lying dormant and then I see something so beautiful that it awakens and from there my mind starts wondering and a song is born.

5.) What's your style?
Different from everything else. That is my primary goal, to be unique. It's pretty easy, I just be myself and nobody else can do that.

6.) How would you describe your music?
I describe my sound as relevant hiphop for the eclectics. I pull from so many different influences that it can all be confusing for some people as to how I can enjoyrock music and then switch to something as eclectic as dubstep. I try to reign in my influences and then speak about things that are not just relevant to my life but to that of the people buying my music, I owe them that much, to talk about something they can feel.

7.) What is your favorite song that you have done?
I have a song that I've yet to even finish producing called "Supernova". I'm saving it for something important, like an album. It's a song dedicated to every girl I ever had a crush
on lol. Ideally, I'd like to put Bruno Mars or Jason Mraz on the hook, you guys might actually see that happen sooner than later.

8.) People you have had a collaboration with and/or friends?
I try to only collaborate with people that bring something different to the table, something that I can't do. Right now Darius Mines, Sky Welkin, Wrighteous, & Will Moore are some of my most frequent collaborators in the arts.
9.) What are your hobbies?
My other love is basketball. I love playing, watching, talking about, betting on, etc. Anything basketball related I'm on to it, especially during March Madness. Go Duke!

10.) Anything else?
You can get all of my official releases at cellokid.bandcamp.com. My latest mixtape "Forget Me Not" is available there now! Also, I'm starting a new music series entitled "Songs I Should Have Been On" that will feature my twist to some of your favorite records. Sometime this spring I will also be releasing an ep with acoustic selections from "Forget Me Not". 

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Cameron Cloman
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