K-Pop UCC Craze #1 [Arirang Global UCC Contest]

Arirang Global Korean Television had a contest where people from all over the globe submit their rendition of a kpop song video and send it to them. Here U-Kiss members Kevin (left) and Alexander (right) host as we view the UCC or "user created content" kpop videos. 601 videos were sent in. Those people are definitely  tuning into international music. Can you guess which kpop groups were featured the most often? Poor U-Kiss, I'm sure Kiss-mes everywhere are shaking their heads and saying their wish they had sent in their version of "Binguel Binguel" "Man Man Hani" or "Shut Up" so Kevin and Alex would see them. I would have loved to see the recreated costumes for those. Oh well maybe next time. Which are your favorite videos? I think my one of my favorites shown was at 14:03 UV "No Cool I'm Sorry" it was reenacted so well I had a little bit of trouble distinguishing the real from the spoof. They were both hilarious. Did you submit a video? Tell us about it. 

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