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Barbara "Give Me a Break"

Barbara is a soulful singer. On January 19th, 2011, she released a full album called Neo Beat Generation Vol. 1. Recently, Barbara has came out with a music video called Give Me a Break. Check it out below.-

Picture credit- Luminosity
Credit- Luminosity

K-Pop UCC Craze #1 [Arirang Global UCC Contest]

Arirang Global Korean Television had a contest where people from all over the globe submit their rendition of a kpop song video and send it to them. Here U-Kiss members Kevin (left) and Alexander (right) host as we view the UCC or "user created content" kpop videos. 601 videos were sent in. Those people are definitely  tuning into international music. Can you guess which kpop groups were featured the most often? Poor U-Kiss, I'm sure Kiss-mes everywhere are shaking their heads and saying their wish they had sent in their version of "Binguel Binguel" "Man Man Hani" or "Shut Up" so Kevin and Alex would see them. I would have loved to see the recreated costumes for those. Oh well maybe next time. Which are your favorite videos? I think my one of my favorites shown was at 14:03 UV "No Cool I'm Sorry" it was reenacted so well I had a little bit of trouble distinguishing the real from the spoof. They were both hilarious. Did you subm…

[MV] Niko Villamor ft Jasen Effe - Unagi

As promised Niko Villamor's Unagi featuring Jasen Effe is out tonight. This is the 1st song of the C'est La Vie project, which is a compilation tape from Niko Villamor and Jasen Effe. The tape is due out Feb. 23, make sure to pick up. 
Follow: @Nikovillamor, @JasenEffe For updates: @CDRCLV
Directed & Edited by: TremaineSpringer @​JustMaine
Producer: Mia Barnett @​21xMIA Director of Photography: Marcel Williams @CellyCel
Assistant Director: Shahlayo Ranson @RecruitZero
Source: @ReelPreciseYT

[MV] VOLTA MASTERS / Thank You feat.DOUBLE,Naughty By Nature

Volta Masters - "Thank You" featuring DOUBLE, Doitall from Lords of the Underground and Treach from Naughty By Nature

This song and video is a positive, sweet, happy appreciative and all the nice things a person can tolerate. It's Valentine's Day so take your extra dose of "love" medicine. The video is something you commoningly see in dramas the guy carries the girl home on his back type of deal, but they take it a step farther and they take some detours. The song is calming and melodic. I think it's already one of the best collaborations of the year.

Volta Master's new album "Suite" will be out March 3rd 2011.

Source: Avex @ YT

Artist of the Month February: Corinne Bailey Rae

Corinne Bailey Rae will be releasing a new album on Valentine's Day titled The Love EP. She will have her first Korean concert at AX Korea on March 10th. Young Korean female soloist IU will have the opportunity to open for her. 

Street Digger "Whenever"

Street Digger is a Hip Hop and R&B mixed trio. There is two males that are the rappers. Their names are Choi Cci and Ancease. The female is the vocalist. Her name is Umjie. On January 21st, 2011, they released a song called Whenever. Check out the music video below.-

Picture credit- Luminosity
Credit- Luminosity