[News] MBLAQ's First Full Album BLAQ STYLE Has Reached 205,000 Orders

The first full album that MBLAQ has published since 1 year and 2 months of debut had received a lot of 

attention and love from fans as previously revealed title song 'Cry' was announced at 3rd.
When another title song 'Stay' was revealed at morning of 10th, 'Stay' has ranked in a high rank at all kinds 
of online music chart.

'Darling', which is a song written and composed by Rain, is experiencing an increasing 
of rank slowly.
'Darling' is a song about rising up again even if that person falls, containing a hope.

A lot of Korean singing industry's 'Midus hands' have participated in this album including 'Cry''s producer 
Bae Jinryul who composed Rain's 'Hip Song' and MBLAQ's 'Y', 'Rado' who made Beast's 'Soom', and 
Lee Jaemyung who made SNSD's 'Kissing You' and Super Junior's 'Marry You'
composed songs.

Leader Seungho showed his skills by composing and playing piano for 'Sad Memories', 
which is an intro, and youngest member Mir also made a rap for 'You are my + fan song',
which is a song toward fans.

MBLAQ will show official comeback stage starting from 13th M.net 'M Countdown',
along with 14th KBS2 'Music Bank', 15th MBC 'Music Core', and 16th SBS 'Inkigayo'.

Original article link: Nate
Translated and reupload by seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack

Check their video "Cry" in our featured videos in the side bar. Expect MBLAQ's music video for "Stay" to release soon as well. 

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