Artist of The Month January 2011: Supernova

Debut : 2007
(from left to right)

Name : Geon-il
Date of birth : Nov. 5, 1987
Height : 187cm
Weight : 70kg
Hobbies : Songwriting, workout, watching movies, cleaning
Talents : Painting, playing basketball and football, swimming, taekwondo

Name : Kwang-su
Date of birth : Apr. 22, 1987
Height : 181cm
Weight : 68kg
Hobbies : Collecting DVDs and shoes, playing with nunchucks
Talents: Running and skiing, break dance, acting, martial arts

Name : Ji-hyuk
Date of birth : Jul. 13, 1987
Height : 185 centimeters
Weight : 71kg
Hobbies : Mountain climbing, reading, watching movies, wakeboard
Talents : Tango, skiing

Name : Sung-jae
Date of birth : Nov. 17, 1986
Height : 184cm
Weight : 67kg
Hobbies : Riding classic scooters, web surfing, playing online game Starcraft, shopping
Talents : Dancing, singing

Name : Sung-mo
Date of birth : Jun. 15, 1987
Height : 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Hobbies : Kickboxing, songwriting, riding a bike, listening to music
Talents : Playing Oriental chess, composition, exercise, singing

Name : Yoon-hak (leader)
Date of birth : Dec. 2, 1984
Height : 180cm
Weight : 64kg
Hobbies : Riding snowboard, collecting DVDs, driving
Talents : Playing basketball, speaking Japanese, singing, dancing

Cho Shin Sung, meaning Supernova in Korean, is a band made up of six good-looking and talented boys. They went through two and a half years of extensive vocal, dancing, and acting training. Their first album “Beautiful Stardust” featured a wide range of songs – from the powerful dance number “Hit” to the romantic and playful tune titled “Good-bye.” Their first album “Beautiful Stardust” has received lots of love from females in their teens and 20s, enough to send it straight up the charts just one week after its release. They followed up their debut success with a new digital single “2008 Love Song Choshinsung.” The “2008 Love Songs” project was participated by Korea’s most reputed romantic singers, including SG Wannabe, FT Island, Seeya and Shin Hye-sung. Choshinsung performed “Super Star” for the project album and also took part in the “Love Songs 2008 Premium Concert” held at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan 2008.

The band has not only been pretty popular in Korea, but in Japan too. They made their debut in the neighboring country in September of 2009. Three singles were released over three consecutive weeks – one of the singles being a remix version of their Korean single “Superstar”. Their first Japanese album was released about a month later.

A few months later, Supernova released their fourth Japanese single in January of 2010, not to mention they were guest performances at a concert in Bangkok. After focusing on other Asian countries, the group finally made their comeback in Korea in August with their mini-album “Time To Shine”

Good Bye (Korean)

Superstar (Korean)

TTL (w.T-ara) Kr.version

TTL 2 (w.T-ara) Kr. version

All about you (Japanese)

Aikotabo (Japanese)

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