[Exclusive Interview] Triangle Offense

1.) Your name, what you are called, and/or alias?
We are an electro-hop/hiptronik trio named Triangle Offense. We consist of 3 artists- our stage names are Sci, Bry, and Pwol (pronounced Paul).

2.) Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.?
We're all from Jersey City, NJ. Our 3rd member Pwol is currently in the Phillipines finishing up Med school. 

3.) What age did you start?
We have been working on music together during college. We decided to take our group seriously because of our potential, and begun our journey in 2009.

4.) What's your inspiration?
Life, fashion and memories. Alot of what you hear are truely genuine emotions, situations and experiences that we share in our music.

5.) What's your style?
We like to be confortable. We have an appreciation for the streetwear scene and high end fashion. We just try to find our style somewhere in between.

6.) How would you describe your music?
We like to make "contemplative club" music (laughs). Its the kind music you can party to when you're at the club, but when you listen to the song on the ride home you'll find deeper meaning in the lyrics.

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7.) What is your favorite song that you have done?
We love all of our work in different ways, so it is kind of difficult to pick one. If there was a gun to our heads and we had to choose, unfortunately we'd have to get shot.

8.) People you have had a collaboration with and/or friends?
We like to keep our collaborations very infrequent because as a new group, we want the main focus of our work to be on us- whether positive or negative. We do reach out to some artists if their style compliments what we're making, but normally would do collabos for the music sake more than ours.

9.) What are your hobbies?
Bry likes to collect colognes, Sci likes to collect sneakers, and Pwol likes to collect women (laughs). The hobbies we have in common are watching movies, playing video games, spending time with friends and family.

10.) Anything else?
We'd like to thank you guys for the interview! Also, please follow us on facebook at facebook.com/trioffensemusic. We always talk to our fans and do our best to keep in contact with them. You can also download our first mixtape "The Courting" off of our website, www.triangle-offense.com. It's the first of a trilogy of mixtapes that we'll be releasing for FREE online. 

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Free downloads of all the music, including their mixtape
 “The Courting

We would like to thank Triangle Offense for doing the interview with us. We wish them a lot of luck and success now and in the future. Don't forget to check them out at their website, YouTube and Facebook. You read what they said, they interact with the fans. If you like what you hear please support the guys and if you are already a fan, I'm sure Triangle Offense appreciates your support. 


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