[Debut MV] 365 Band - " Awaking"

This song is composed by DJ Addy Tran. The video is directed by Chris Le. The fight scenes are choreographed by Johnny Tri Nguyen. It took 31 hours to shoot. Apparently it is the most expensive Vietnamese music video up to date. I really like this video, it's very chic and stylish. I guess it is intentional that they somewhat satirized the way some boybands are "manufactured"  I like the choreography and guys are indeed handsome. Their voices are very good, above average. I defiantly don't mind hearing more from them in the future. Anticipate 365 band's stage debut next.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, check out 365 Band's Christmas melody video of "Last Christmas" and "Jiggle Bells". These guy English singing skills are commendable.

To learn the member names and other videos and photos of them, go to their official website and Facebook page 365FC and Youtube channel 

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