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[List] of Favorite Songs in 2010

We asked people to list their 10 favorite songs in 2010. It means either the song had to come out in 2010 or discovered in 2010. People's list may or may not be in order.

1. Anonymous
1. BoA- Possibilty featuring Daichi
2. Drake- Fall For Your Type
3. Drake- Find Your Love
4. Trey Songz- Unusual featuring Drake
5. J. Cole- Won't Be Long
6. Chris Brown- Deuces featuring Tyga
7. Bruno Mars- Grenade
8. Trey Songz- Bottoms Up featuring Nicki Minaj
9. Yamapi- One In a Million
10. J. Cole- Who Dat

2. Beki
1. ZE: A- Love Letter
2. Infinite- Dashi Dorawa
3. F.Cuz- Midnight Sun
4. IU- Good Day
5. 2PM- I'll Be Back
6. Rainbow- Mach
7. Sistar- Shady Girl
8. ZE: A- Level Up
9. Beast- Soom
10. U-Kiss- Mworago

3. Brian Joo
1. Far East Movement- Like a G6
2. Nicki Minaj- Check It Out featuring Will.I.Am
3. Bruno Mars- Just the Way You Are
4. Lady Gaga- Telephone featuring Beyonce
5. Michael Buble- I Haven't Met You
6. Chris Tomlin- I Will Follow
7. Neyo- One in a Million
8. Black Eyed Peas- Rock That Body
9. Usher- DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love featuring Pitbull
10. Jay Sean- 2012 (It Ain't the End)

4. Capri
1. Neyo- Genuine Only
2. Trey Songz- Bottoms Up featuring Nicki Minaj
3. Nicki Minaj- Right Through Me
4. Neyo- Champagne Life
5. Ke$ha- We R Who We Are
6. Michael Jackson- Hold My Hand featuring Akon
7. Trey Songz- Red Lipstick
8. Neyo- One in a Million
9. Justin Bieber- Never Say Never featuring Jaden Smith
10. Trey Songz- Love Faces

5. Ciera
1. T.O.P- Turn It Up
2. Supreme Team- Dang Dang Dang
3. U-Kiss- Binguel Bingeul
4. 2NE1- It Hurts
5. Kanjani8- Animal Magic
6. Gilme- Love is War featuring Outsider
7. Sistar- Shady Girl
8. Beast- Break Down
9. Infinite- Come Back Again
10. TVXQ- Athena

6. Coco
1. BoA- Don't Know What To Say
2. Rain- One
3. Be My Guest- How Many Times
4. Swini- Silly Boy
5. Nicky Lee- No More Cryin
6. Phil Lam- 雨落大地
7. Eric Suen- Here I Go
8. Zuwan- Illusion
9. Sean- Bye Bye
10. Jason Zhang Jie- 包围

7. Em
1. Super Junior- Bonamana
2. SNSD- Run Devil Run
3. SNSD- Hoot
4. Se7en- Better Together
5. SHINee- Hello
6. Ze: a- Mazeltov
7. Super Junior- No Other
8. Super Junior- All My Heart
9. Girl's Day- Nothing Lasts Forever
10. Sistar- Shady Girl

8. Ershad
1. MAA- Ballerina Brain System
2. Yoari- Excuse Me
3. Linkin Park- When They Come for Me
4. 2ne1- Go Away
5. Lee Hyori- Swing featuring Leessang
6. Ga In- Irreversible
7. Narsha- Bbi-Ri-Bop-A
8. Mizca- Robotics
9. Dumbfoundead- Battle
10. Jasmine- Jealous

9. Laken
1. Death Cab For Cutie- Brothers On a Hotel Bed
2. Snow Patrol- Run
3. Yeasayer- Madder Red
4. Caravan Palace- Star Scat
5. Ocoai- Manifestant
6. Train- Hey Soul Sister
7. One Republic- Apologize
8. Jay-Z- Empire State of Mind featuring Alicia Keys
9. Midlake- Acts of Man
10. Bruno Mars- Just the Way You Are

10. Miyah
1. Miss A- Bad Girl, Good Girl
2. Miss A- Breathe
3. SNSD- Hoot
4. Ke$ha- Take It Off
5. Taio Cruz- Dynamite
6. Ga-in- Irreversible
7. 2NE1- Can't Nobody English version
8. Chae Yeon- Look Look Look
9. Brown Eyed Girls- Sign
10. F(x)- Chu

11. Mojackiekie
1. Far East Movement- I Party
2. Far East Movement- If I Was You
3. Mindy Gledhill- Hourglass
4. Mindy Gledhill- California
5. Mindy Gledhill- Anchor
6. Bruno Mars- Talking to the Moon
7. Keri Hilson- Pretty Girl
8. Kanye West- Love Knockdown
9. Gilbert O' Sullivan- Alone Again (Naturally)
10. Rui Veloso- Não Há Estrelas No Céu

12. Tamara
1. Big Time Rush- Boyfriend
2. Lady Gaga- Telephone
3. Adam Lambert- Whataya Want From Me
4. Katy Perry- Firework
5. Glee Cast- Singing In The Rain/Umbrella featuring Gwyneth Paltrow (Originally sung by Gene Kelly- Singing in the Rain and Rihanna- Umbrella featuring Jay-Z.)
6. Selena Gomez and The Scene- A Year Without Rain
7. Ke$ha- We R Who We R
8. BoA- Hurricane Venus
9. Se7en- Digital Bounce featuring TOP
10. Big Time Rush- Til I Forget About You

13. Tiffany
1. Katy Perry- California Girls featuring Snoop Dogg
2. Taio Cruz- Dynamite
3. Lady Gaga- Bad Romance
4. Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love featuring Pitbull
5. Ke$ha- We R Who We R
6. Pink- Raise Your Glass
7. Adam Lambert- If I Had You
8. B.O.B- Nothin' On You featuring Bruno Mars
9. Owl City- Fireflies
10. Train- Hey Soul Sister

14. Tina
1. Drake- Shut It Down featuring The Dream
2. The Dream- Love King
3. F(x)- Mr. Boogie
4. Chris Brown- Deuces
5. Nicki Minaj- Roman's Revenge
6. Rihanna- Rude Boy
7. The Dream- Sex Intelligence remix
8. Dirty Money- Hello, Good Morning
9. Roscoe Dash- All the Way Turned Up
10. F(x)- Nu ABO

15. Yuki
1. Super Junior- Sorry, Sorry
2. Super Junior- Bonamana
3. FT Island- Love, Love, Love
4. U-Kiss- Man Man Ha Ni
5. U-Kiss- Bingeul Bingeul
6. U-kiss- Avatar
7. Girls Generation- Hoot
8. Girls Generation- Oh!
9. Super Junior- Boom Boom
10. U-Kiss- Shut Up


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