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Yoseob and Daniel - First Snow, First Kiss (Eng Sub)

Beast/B2ST member Yoseob and Daniel of Dalmatian have released their single, "First Snow, First Kiss". It is a very sweet and touching video, with the two young men, recording the song and taking photos. Prior to joined their respective groups, the two trained together in a company and were close friends. It's nice to see that the two still show the same strong friendship after debuting. Their voices are blend perfectly together and the growth and strength of their voices can be heard in this song appropriate for the winter season.Thanks to Daniel, I would definitely rate the use of English in this song a 5 out of 5. B2utiful work fellows! *hyung = older brother/older male friend

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Cred: b2stlysubs03

Artists of The Month November: IdaAida

IdaAidais a Danish rap and popduo.The duo released his first album,100%,in 2008 and has hit with the songa classic. They are often compared as a female Nick and Jay. The two ladies were envolved in their solo activites. They met in a night club accidentally in Copenhagen and they eventually started the duo.

Ta' Dit Ego 
En Klassiker

Be a "Rock Star"!

M.I.C. (or MIC男团) is a Chinese boyband, with 6 members, formed by Taihe Rye Music (北京太合麦田音乐文化发展有限公司)[3].

The group consists of Wang Hao (王浩), Zhao, Xiao, Tan, Chi and Lu Jia (鲁佳), who left the group in 2010 for unknown reasons.

M.I.C. made a commercial to Chinese market with Korean girlgroup f(x), for LG’s Lollipop Cellphone[4][5]

Member Profile (They are not in the order of the picture you see above.)

Wang Hao 王浩 (Captain)
Birthday: May 17, 1987
Hometown: Liao Ning, Da Lian
Height: 175cm
Weight: 62kg
Talents: Popping

Zhao Yong Xin 赵泳鑫 (Vice Captain)
Birthday: August 25, 1988
Hometown: Yun Nan, Kun Ming
Height: 181cm
Weight: 70kg
Talents: Composer/Lyricist, Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, HuLuSi

Tan Jian Ci 檀健次
Birthday: October 5, 1990
Hometown: Guangxi Beihai
Height: 174cm
Weight: 58kg
Talents: Latin Dance

Chi Yue Han 池约翰
Birthday: July 20, 1989
Hometown: Zhejiang Wenzhou
Height: 175cm
Weight: 60kg
Talents: Choreography, Hip-Hop, B-Box

Xiao Shun Yao 肖顺尧
Birthday: March 23, 1988
Hometown: Qinghai, Xining
Height: 185cm