[Exclusive Interview] K-19 The Prince

1. What's your name, what you're called alias?

- I go by K-1 9 (K- One Nine) The Prince. There are many meanings to my name, one derives from 5 percenter religion in which the numbers 0-9 have a meaning. 1 means knowledge, and 9 means birth, put it together and its "knowledge born." A good friend and associate of mine, who is currently doing time, gave me the name. Also, 1-9 refers to the highway up here in Jersey, Route 1 and 9. I flow like the highway!

2. Where are you from? Where are you active act? -I am from the great state of New Jersey! Born in Jersey City, and grew up in Edison. Active in NYC, Jersey, and Connecticut.

3. What age did you start?

-I started rapping and making music in 2005 at the age of 18.

4. What's your inspiration?

-I have many inspirations. One is my family and parents. The struggle they have been through, drives me more and more to become successful. Also, my boys, who i consider my brothers motivate me and inspire me. I have a tight and close knit circle.

5. What is your style?

-I would consider my style to be versatile. I can do all kinds of music. I have club bangers, inspirational and motivational joints,as well as street anthems and songs for the women! People tend to say my raspy voice is key in my tone and style...i'm from the east coast so my style, obviously leans towards there. Grew up listening to many East Coast artists which influenced my style and approach.

6. How would you describe your music?

-My music is very unique. Being of Indian decent I sometimes speak of things people haven't really heard of, which is different but at the same time special. I have been through many trials and tribulations in my life, and have seen the ups and downs of life as well as the coldness life can bring, so the pain and struggle is relevant in my work. Like i said before, my music varies song to song. I have club anthems that can get you movin', also have music that can inspire, make women fall in love with me, haha, and also dark gritty music.

7. What are your favorite works?

My favorite work includes many of my favorite rappers growing up, who influenced my style and method of approach. I listen to alot of Nas, Pac, Big,  Redman and Raekwon. I have many favorites who i love to listen to, i could go on forever, but those 4 are the most influential to me as a artist. My favorite albums of all time are probably ILLmatic and Stillmatic by Nas

8. Who are people you work with or collaborations?

I collab with many artist, including UnStable, a artist out of NYC whos label I am associated with, Hiz and Herz Entertainment. Another member of that team is Falgas, a French artist who I have a record coming out with for his next project, the record is called "Throw yo hands up" so look out for that! I also work with many of my own artists of my Royalty Family, who will be coming out with work soon.

9. What are some of your hobbies, passtimes?

-My hobbies of course include anything dealing with music. I enjoy working out, playin basketball (a die hard New York Knick fan! YEAH!) im a big UFC fanatic. Traveling is something i enjoy. I love seeing different and new places and people. I'm also a big eater hahaha, I should be fat as hell, the amount i eat!

10. Anything else?

- Basically, i am making major moves, and slowly claiming my position! Anybody interested in my work, you can check it out at www.k19theprince.com, www.myspace.com/k19theprince, and follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/k19theprince. Many shows in the works and music in the works, so keep a look out! JERSEY wuttup! ROYALTY baby! K-1 9 The Prince!

Thanks C!

Nice, thank you K- 1 9. We hope to hear plenty more from you in the future! Join K-1 9's Facebook Fan Page! If you haven't yet, download "Outta The Ashes" !! Links can also be found in th DL section of the site.

--TuneN2IM Staff

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